Five Reasons to use Social Bookmarking Demon in your Marketing Campaign

Five Reasons to use Social Bookmarking Demon in your Marketing Campaign

If you don’t already know Social Bookmarking Demon is the number one used automated bookmarking tool on the internet right now and used by thousands of webmasters. Social bookmarking is very important to the growth of your website, but the number one reason people don’t utilize them is because the time it takes to submit there webpages. With social bookmarking demon you’ll be able to submit to roughly twenty social bookmarking sites per run.

The tool only submits to this number of social bookmarking websites so that it doesn’t get blocked. The last thing you want is to have your domains blocked by search engines due to social bookmarking spam and trust me this happens. With social bookmarking demon I’ve never had this problem though due to the fact they only submit to a few sites every time. We’ll now take a look at some of the reasons why you should use social bookmarking demon in your marketing campaign.

#1 – Lots of Free Traffic

Social bookmarking websites bring in lots of traffic due to there high rankings in the search engines, so by submitting to these websites with social bookmarking demon you can attract free daily traffic to your website.

#2 – Get Indexed Faster Then Ever

You can now get your websites indexed usually within a few hours of submitting to social bookmarking websites. This is great for a new website, but it also helps individual pages get indexed a lot quicker so it’s useful for every website.

#3 – Increase Your SERP’s

Link building helps increase your search engines rankings and therefore by building links through this automated social bookmarking tool you’ll be able to increase your SERP’s. It may take a bit of time to see these rankings take effect, but there is no doubt social bookmarking links help your SERP position.

#4 – Increase Your Page Rank

A lot of the social bookmarking websites that social bookmarking demon submit too are do-follow and this means that over time you’ll increase your Google page rank by submitting to bookmarking websites. Page rank doesn’t mean much except for assisting in making money through link ad sales.

#5 – Takes Minutes per Run

Each social bookmarking run only takes minutes to complete whereas if you we’re to submit to these websites on your own it would take about an hour per run. As you can see you’re saying a ton of your time which can be used to make more money.

Automated tools are becoming a lot more popular as they allow webmasters to focus on other aspects of marketing and promotion. You will need to spend some money initially to purchase social bookmarking demon, but it’s one of the only tools that is a one-off fee with lifetime updates. This means you only need to spend the money once and you can use it for your entire career online.

The value of this is worth far more then you’ll spend and in fact it should only take about a month before you make the money back from the investment. Once you get some traffic from the sites you’ll be able to convert them on your products which will pay for the program instantly. Anyone submitting to social bookmarking sites manually is really wasting there time because in all the hours you spend doing that you could have easily automated the process and spent time making far more money then you’d spend on the software program.

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