What You Need to Successfully Run a Blog Network

What You Need to Successfully Run a Blog Network

A lot of bloggers who run either one or a few blogs have been looking into expanding their reach and creating what’s known as a blog network. There are lots of companies who own blog networks nowadays and more are created each day, but only a select few of them are well known and profitable. You can’t expect too be able too run a blog network on your own and that’s the main mistake a lot of bloggers are doing. They think that they can do everything, but the fact is there is only so much time in a day and you won’t be able to do everything needed by yourself if you want too become successful. The one thing all the profitable and well known blog networks have in common is that they outsource a lot of the tedious work and capitalize on cheap outsourcing rates around the web.

Outsourcing too international countries has become a popular way for webmasters too get work done for the lowest possible rates and it’s vital to a blog network. If you want to run a blog network you’ll need an entire team of people working for you, and you’ll basically need to spend your time managing the workers and also working on the small details.

To have any success with a blog network it will take a lot of time as you need to establish each one of the blogs in their market. This isn’t an easy task for one blog let alone multiple blogs so make sure you’re ready to put in the time and work. The first thing you’ll need to purchase is a server in which you can purchase C-Class IP’s with because you’ll need quite a few of these. You should put each blog on there own C-Class IP as it will only cost you roughly $1 per month per IP which is definitely worth it. You don’t want the blogs on the same IP because then Google might see them as a link farm and could punish them severely without any notice. You’ll also need to purchase all of the domains you want to use and set them up on WordPress each on there own IP. Once this is done you’ll need to begin outsourcing too get the blogs going.

At first you’ll only need to be concerned about content and should you hire a couple freelance writers to complete some article packs for you on the niches you’ve chosen for your blog network. Add the articles to post on the blogs once daily and timestamp each article accordingly so that you don’t need to go to each blog each day to make the post. In these early stages you’ll want to make sure you install all your stat counters so that everything is ready to be tracked. Once the content begins too compile on the blogs and they start getting indexed in Google then you’ll need to start finding link builders to build some links. You won’t need too many links in the beginning and should only get a few of them so that you gain some SE recognition. A lot of links can be built down the road for free once you become popular so don’t spend too much money on link building. The most important part to spend money on is the content and you should make sure you have lots of it.

There is a lot more to running a blog network, but this guide should give you a brief outline of what you’re thinking about getting into. Unless you have a fairly nice budget then don’t even consider doing it because you won’t stand a chance. You’ll just burn yourself out quickly and then become bored with blogging in general. You can’t do something that isn’t possible so realize early that if you want to run a blog network you’ll need to outsource most of the work. This means you’ll be running in the negatives for the first few months and then you may start moving into the green. There is a chance you won’t even move into the profits though and this is the risk you take when starting a blog network.

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