What Is Link Bait

What Is Link Bait?

Link bait is basically how you’d think it would be, simply put link bait is something that will make other bloggers want to post about what you’ve written about. This can be done in a number of different ways including writing a great article, creating a WordPress theme or widget and also through any other software you could make. If you make a theme, widget or other piece of software then you’ll stand a great chance at receiving lots of backlinks from other bloggers and depending on the functionality of your creation you may even get some great backlinks from authority blogs.

Authority bloggers are also looking in the blogosphere for new and interesting topics to write about and if you offer a great new creation then chances is it will be found by other bloggers. All you need is one good review from an authority blog and your traffic could jump an insane amount instantly. Some blogs receive thousands of people each day and if you ever get a link on one of them then your blog will enter a new phase, and it’s something you should be proud of.

Another way to get link bait without creating anything is through writing an interesting and well written article. The topic must be something that isn’t widely talked about and you must teach something that hasn’t been taught before or at least taught well before. If you find a good topic that you think you could teach better then anyone else has then you should create a long and detailed blog post. After which you should begin getting the word out about the blog post, you can do this by submitting to social bookmarking sites and also by contacting other bloggers in your niche.

Link bait is how all the big name bloggers get so many backlinks pointing to their blog and if you want to enter a new league of blogging you’ll need to get lots of link bait rolling. The good thing about link bait material is it never completely dries up, meaning you’ll always get new links from great link bait material even after its aged which is great for bloggers. Link bait is an important part of blogging and once you reach the point where you’re getting lots of links from something you’ve created then you’ll begin to realize more how vital it is. One creation could bring in a steady stream of both traffic and revenue so get into the lab and think up some new wonderful yet creative ideas.

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