Ways to Build Your External Links

Ways to Build Your External Links

When you blog you’ll need to build external links to your blog so that the search engines think you’re worth ranking high. The more links you have pointing to your blog the better it will be for your search engine rankings and you should notice solid traffic over time. Search engine traffic isn’t built over night and you’ll need to spend countless months building links to your blog before you see much of a profit. You should start seeing some profit after a couple months but it takes roughly a year before making any serious money off of a blog. In order to keep your blog alive for a year though and to make it successful you’ll need to constantly build incoming links to your blog. There are different methods for doing this and you should make sure you use them at your own risk and understand the risk involved before trying out each method. Typically the methods are safe but there is a chance that you could get banned. If you want to start getting countless amounts of targeted search engine traffic then you need to start working immediately on building links. There is never too many links as long as they are built naturally.

The first way to begin building backlinks for your site should be through free methods such as article submissions, directory submissions, social bookmarking and blog commenting. All of these methods can bring you a lot of search engine traffic over time but you should make sure that there do-follow links before spending your time submitting. If it isn’t a do-follow link then it still can bring traffic to your blog but typically the link won’t be worth much.

The second way to accumulate external links is through using other sites and blogs that you already own on the same topic and link to it. This is not considered a safe practise but typically if the blogs are on separate IP’s then you should be fine. Many people run multiple blogs and link them together for the SEO benefits and nothing happens so although there is a risk it’s slim. Don’t make the links appear like link farms is vital though but other then that you should be fine. You can also exchange links with other webmasters, which should be done in three way exchanges. You should have a site or blog where you can put other people’s links on and then have them link to the blog that you’re trying to build links for. If you do it this way then you will have one way links in the eyes of the search engines and if there on topic to your blog then they should help your search rankings considerably.

The final way you can build links for your blog is by buying them which although is frowned upon by the search engines it’s still done by most webmasters. As long as the link looks natural then typically you should be safe with the search engines, and if you manage to buy some nice page rank links then you can boost your page rank the next time it updates which is a huge benefit for your search engine rankings.

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