Top Ten Social Bookmarking Websites

Top Ten Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites have become huge over the past couple years and there are now thousands of different websites out there that allows you to submit your blog posts too. Many of them aren’t worth submitting too due to them not being well ranked by the search engines as well as not having much traffic. If you’re going to spend time submitting your blog posts everyday to social bookmarking websites then you’ll want to make sure you submit to the websites that will offer you traffic. I’ve come up with a list of the top ten social bookmarking websites out there and I would recommend that you try to submit to at least these websites and if you have time then I would suggest finding more and submitting to more.

Whether you submit your blog posts to the social bookmarking websites yourself or with software is up to you and once you start making money you should definitely look at software out there. The best program is social bookmarking demon and you’ll be able to submit to hundreds of social bookmarking websites automatically within roughly ten minutes. It doesn’t take long to submit your blog posts using the software, but it does cost money so you’ll need some initial money to invest. If you want to wait until you make money then that’s fine as well and I personally waited until I was making money as well before I bought social bookmarking demon.

Certain social bookmarking websites receive millions of unique visitors each and every month so there is a huge potential for gaining traffic on some of these websites. The traffic isn’t always targeted, but it’s free traffic to your blog which helps increase your search engine rankings as your page becomes more popular. Some of the social bookmarking websites also give you do-follow links which count in the search engines so you should try submitting to these ones often.

Building links to your blog is one of the biggest tasks you’ll have as a blog owner and it isn’t always fun. Submitting to the same websites day in and day out can quickly become boring, but if you’re motivated to make money then you need to be ready to work. Social bookmarking submitting is one of the easiest things you’ll do and although it’s repetitive you need to do it, especially in the early stages. It’s a good way to get your blog out there in the social media spotlight, as you’ll be giving it the potential to become a hot item. If people like what they see on your blog then you could become the next social media icon which will result in a lot of traffic coming your way. Without further discussion I would now like to share the top ten social bookmarking website with you.

• Digg –

• StumbleUpon –

• Propeller –

• –

• Reddit –

• Fark –

• NewsVine –

• Yahoo Buzz –

• Technorati –

• MyBlogLog –

There are plenty of other social bookmarking websites out there that are worth submitting too so if you have time then make sure you research some of the other social bookmarking websites out there. You can never submit your blog posts to too many social bookmarking websites so don’t ever worry about that and make sure you submit to as many as possible. You need to be consistent when you submit your posts though, so make sure you do it everyday.

Once you sign-up for accounts on the social bookmarking websites and get used to submitting your posts each day it will become a lot faster. You’ll get into a routine and it won’t take you long at all, you also should try keeping your accounts logged-in so that you don’t need to sign-in each day. It will save a lot of time for yourself and every second saved is valuable when you’re a blogger. Remember that once you have some money to invest you should get social bookmarking demon so that you can submit your posts to hundreds of different social bookmarking websites at once within ten minutes. It will save you countless hours and the small investment is worth it once you consider how many hours you’ll spend submitting to social bookmarking websites.

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