Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

In the webmaster social bookmarking has been the recent phenomenon over the past year or so and they look to be continually growing still. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites now on the internet and there are even programs available for purchase to help with the process of social bookmarking. Now if you’re like most people you won’t want to spend money when you first start using social bookmarking sites, and I don’t blame you because I didn’t either. The simple fact of the matter is though that you can only bookmark your sites pages to so many different sites manually before becoming bored. So if you’re just starting out with social bookmarking and are looking to do it the free way which is manually then you should focus your efforts on four social bookmarking sites. There are many more but if time doesn’t allow you to manually submit your posts to more then four that’s fine because most of the traffic comes from these three anyways. The four social bookmarking sites you should use are as followed.

– StumbleUpon

– Digg

– Propeller

– Reddit

Once you make accounts on the four websites listed above then you’ll be ready to submit your first page to each of the sites. It takes roughly two minutes to submit a page to all four of these sites and less once you get the hang of it. Social bookmarking can bring in daily traffic and earn you money on top of your other traffic which is why everyone is beginning to use the sites. The sites rank well in search engines and they also have a huge amount of type-in traffic. This means that your link could be visible to millions of people everyday and chances are at least a hundred of them will click the link. Social bookmarking is about persistence as well and you need to be persistent when you use the sites because if not the traffic will die down quickly. If you can manage to submit your new pages every time you add a new page then you’ll allow for a more continual flow of traffic.

If you’re a blogger then you should definitely use social bookmarking for exposure because everyday you make your post you can then submit it to these social bookmarking sites. If you post daily and submit to the bookmarking sites daily then you’ll never need to be worried about not having traffic, because by submitting everyday to the social bookmarking sites you’ll allow for constant flow of traffic. Make sure if you spend the time writing content that you gain the most exposure possible and you can do this by submitting to social bookmarking sites. There is a lot more that you need to do but you should make sure you fit in the few minutes each day to submit to social bookmarking sites.

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