Tips to Make Money with your PPC Ads

Tips to Make Money with your PPC Ads

If you’ve begun implementing PPC ads into your arsenal of marketing, but are having trouble making money off of your ads then follow these tips. I will be sharing will you some tips that will help you turn your PPC ads into profit pulling machines. When you first jump into PPC ads it’s difficult to get a high quality score and it’s even harder to make a profit. If you try implementing the below tips into your PPC ad campaigns I can assure you that you’ll be happy with the results.

#1 – Always go for Long-Tail Keywords

Whenever you set-up a new campaign you should only target long-tail keywords in your campaigns. You need to think about what the person will search for when looking for the information on your blog. For instance if you sell doctor notes then instead of targeting doctor notes you could target phrases such as Fake Doctor Notes, Buy Doctor Notes among many others. The best way to find long-tail keywords to target in your campaigns is to utilize a keyword tool.

#2 – Target Buying Keywords

What I mean when I say you should target buying keywords is simple, you should think about what someone would search for when ready to buy a product. Bid on keywords with the product name, review keywords and comparing keywords. These keywords will turn in the highest conversion ratio and this is what you want to be aiming for in PPC campaigns.

#3 – Create Targeted Ads & Creatives

You want your ads and creatives to be targeted around a small set of keywords which are all highly targeted towards what you’re selling or promoting. The more targeted your ads are the higher quality score you’ll have and the better luck you’ll have with PPC.

Turning PPC campaigns into profits isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t simple either. When you first start out expect to have a small budget that you can waste for testing purposes. Take a few products from different niches and begin doing small tests on the niches. See which one converts the highest and which one is bringing in the most profit. Once you have a good niche that is converting well then start spending more on your campaigns in that niche.

When you run a PPC ad campaign you need to check the results each and everyday. If you don’t then you risk losing too much wasted money especially in the early stages. A lot of PPC ads is testing and once you find out what converts then you just need to ride that wave until it ends. Once it ends then you need to have other campaigns running to create your revenue. Never just rely on one product because you never know when the money from that product could stop rolling in.

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