SEO Tips for Your Blog

SEO Tips for Your Blog

There are lots of different things you can do to increase the SEO of your blog and you should try to make sure that you work on all of the different aspects. Working on only a couple aspects of SEO will result maybe in a bit of search engine traffic but it won’t give you the results that you’re aiming for. There are both off site SEO techniques and on site SEO techniques that you need to work on and you should make sure you work on both but in this article we’re strictly going to discuss on site SEO tactics that you should be implementing regularly.

The first and definitely most important on site SEO tactic is content, you need tons of it to rank well. You should try posting on your blog everyday if possible so that you can add up the amount of content on your blog quickly and also so it appears to the search engines that you’re updating your blog regularly, which is another important of on site SEO. You need to make sure you update your blog enough so it looks like you’re still posting on it or else your search engine rankings will begin to slide. When you post new blog posts try and have each one targeted around a set of keywords so that you can eventually rank for them and get search engine traffic. The more content you have and the more keyword optimized the content is the more search engine traffic you’ll get to your blog.

You should also make sure you interlink your content as best you can, and the best way to do this is to place a couple links from old posts into every new post you make. Then this way you’re interlinking will begin to reach deep into the blog and over time the entire blog will become indexed and start ranking in the search engines which is when the big traffic starts coming. Also make sure that you don’t have too many outbound links on your homepage and posts pointing to other sites. The links will take away from your search engine rankings and if it appears that you’re selling links then your search engine rankings could completely disappear.

Finally you should make sure that all of your blog posts are completely 100% unique content because Google will penalize you if you use duplicate content and it won’t get indexed in most cases. You should also make sure when you write blog posts to make sure there is enough content in them. You don’t want to post a bunch of small 25-50 word blog posts in a day instead post one or two 250-500 word articles so that there is actually something to be learned in the article. You need to provide content that people want to read and search engines love content as well and you won’t see many 25 word blog posts ranking in the top 10 in Google for any terms.

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