´╗┐Must have tools for a webmaster

There are some must have tools for webmasters. And these are the tools that you will see in the computers of each and every experienced webmaster. If you are new to these things, then you might not be having these tools installed in your system.

Let’s start with the web browser. One of the best web browsers at the moment is Mozilla Firefox. It can be downloaded for free. The tools that we are going to mention here are actually plug ins of Firefox browser. When you install these plugins, your browser will become a much more intelligent browser than it was earler when it was with no plugins at all.

Page Rank Checking Plugin

A page rank checker can be integrated into your firefox browser by installing any page rank checking plugin. You will see a lot of such plugins and you may choose any one of them to install in your browser. The primary aim of installing a page rank checker is to view the page rank of sites that we open in the browser. So, you can download and install any plugin that does the above job.

Alexa Rank checking Plugin

How would you be knowing by seeing the design of the site whether its a reputed website or not? It can’t be founded that way. But if you are with the traffic details of the site- then you’ll be getting an idea about the popularity of the site. This is an extremely useful tool since you will come across a lot of sites as a webmaster and finding good ones from them won’t be easy without this cool tool. So, like we said above, you can download and install any plugin that does the above job – ie, displaying the alexa rank of sites that we’ll be opening in our firefox browser.

If you are having the above two tools, then you will able to filter out the good ones that are with decent traffic and page rank from the rest of the sites. This way, before ordering something from a site, you’ll be able to make out whether it is a good one to use your credit card or not.

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