Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

A blog is certainly the best possible platform for your creative outlet.
But, if it can earn you a regular income, then it undoubtedly is the
cream of the cake. Contrary to the popular belief, blogging does not
have to be limited to your pastime. With a bit of effort and dedication,
it is indeed possible to turn your blog into a money making machine.
In this chapter, we are going to discuss some easy yet smart ways of
monetizing your blog.

Make money through Google Adsense or other pay per click

Joining Google Adsense or any other pay per click (PPC) program is
undoubtedly the easiest way to monetize your blog. One must
understand that these pay per click programs allow you display ads on
your website and you get paid for every click on those ads. Though it
is the easiest and smartest way of getting money, it might be difficult
to earn a considerable amount in the initial stage of the blog as
majority of the pay per click programs including Google Adsense only
pay a few cents per click.

Sell Affiliate Products

Using your blog to sell products can prove to be very profitable way of
making money. Selling affiliate products do not require you to supply
them yourself; you don’t even have to deal with any issues regarding
the deal. Selling affiliate products can result in very good profits,
provided you are smart enough to sell products or services which are
closely related to your blog’s niche.

Sell Ad areas or spaces on your blog

If you have worked hard enough to make your blog popular and if you
have already earned one of the top three page ranks on search
engines, then it is more than a probability that many advertisers will
be more than willing to advertise on your blog. You can sell ad spaces
on your blog at a very good price.

Advertising link publications
In this case, you strike a deal with the owners of websites or blogs
who are trying to increase traffic for their blogs or websites. You offer
to publish the link to their website in your blog statement, at an
agreed rate. If your blog has a good traffic rate then it is more than a
probability that you might be contacted by numerous potential

Monetize with your own products

After getting assured of regular traffic, you can concentrate on
creating your own products. These products can be anything like an e-
book or a membership site which can be promoted through your blog.
Since you already are aware of the pulse of your readers, it would not
be a difficult task to encourage them to purchase something which
could be of use to them. You can even go one step ahead to offer an
e-course to your readers.

It is highly recommended that you concentrate on one way of
monetizing your blog in the initial stages. Once you see that the
strategy is giving you guaranteed returns then you can spread your
wings over other methods as well. It also pays to take ideas from
popular blogs on the same niche.

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