Methods to Build Your Blog Traffic

Methods to Build Your Blog Traffic

If you have a blog that you’ve been filling up with content but the traffic has yet to start pouring in then you might need to start working on some marketing tactics to build your blog traffic. The first and most important thing is that you have lots of good content on your blog before you start working on getting much traffic to your blog. The best way to get traffic is through search engines but you need to rank for keywords in order to start getting search engine traffic and that isn’t easy to do. It takes time to start ranking for keywords in the search engines and you need to build lots of links as well. The links that you build can help also bring traffic to your blog though so there are many benefits from building links.

One of the best ways to get traffic is through articles submissions which you should try and do on a weekly basis so that you continually build traffic through it. Some of the article directories are already very established sites and have tons of traffic so posting articles in these directories with your link to your blog is very smart. You need to make sure that you follow the directories rules which are usually straightforward and then you will be on your way to getting traffic. The articles remain on the site permanently as well so if you keep the blog then you’ll always get traffic from your article submissions.

Other ways to gain traffic are through directory submissions and social bookmarking. These can bring lots of traffic and there basically the same except in one way which is directory submission traffic usually is slow and continuous where social bookmarks are usually fast and big amounts of traffic. It doesn’t take long to submit to a few directories and social bookmarks everyday so make sure that you take the time to do it as it will help your site a lot.

You can also become apart of a traffic exchange program where you can have ad’s on your site and in return you get ad’s on other sites. These aren’t always the best because most of them you need to give traffic to receive traffic, but some of them are set-up so that you simply sell and buy ads when you choose and aren’t forced to do either. EntreCard is a great example of one of the most effective traffic exchange programs that you can use and I would highly recommend this one out of any of them.

There are tons of other ways for you to build your blog traffic as well and you should always try finding new ways to build your traffic. As time goes on you’ll begin ranking better in the search engines if you’ve been working hard building links and then your traffic will go through the roof. If you can hold a steady stream of traffic up until you start getting search engine traffic then you’ve done a great job at creating a successful blog.

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