´╗┐Make money selling ads in your site

One of the easiest ways to make money from websites is to sell ad space. You can sell ad blocks of different sizes at different places in your site. And depending on the size and place where you are planning to sell the ad blocks, the money you’ll be getting out of them will vary. Advertisers will look for buying ad blocks that will be getting maximum exposure. So, try to sell ad blocks at places in your sites, where chances of getting a click to the ad blocks is maximum.

But in order to sell ad blocks, your sites should be with decent traffic. Try referring your friends to the sites that you want to promote. And ask them to refer to their friends as well. But a vast amount of the visitors won’t be coming back again to your site – if its not worth a visit again. That means, your sites should be having something special in it for the readers. Then only they’ll come and visit your site again and again. If it’s a blog, then create quality content. And if you keep on posting quality content, then without you even telling to others, they will start referring their friends. They will even bookmark your site so that they would be able to read it on a daily basis.

Even after you get traffic to your sites, it’s not over yet. Once you are with traffic, you should go and find advertisers. One of the best place to look for advertisers would be in webmaster forums like DP, V7n, and Netbuilders. There you’ll be able to sell links, ad blocks, banners etc in your sites. You may even find buyers ready to buy advertising on a long term basis. But in such cases, you’ll have to provide some discount on the price.

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