How to Use WordPress to Automate Your Business

How to Use WordPress to Automate Your Business

If you haven’t heard of WordPress, listen. WordPress is an amazing blogging platform — but it’s so much more than that. In fact, this article will teach you some things as to how to use WordPress to automate your website and therefore your business, leaving you time to do the things you enjoy without having to keep your finger on every little “”nook and cranny”” job that needs to be done. Here are just some of the things WordPress can do.


If you use AdSense to earn extra income on your site, the AdSense Integrator can both dad and then manage the AdSense ads you put on your blog, effortlessly following the last AdSense rules and updates without your having to keep on top of them. This is one way when it comes to how to use WordPress that you can really earn passive income without having to do anything except for adding the initial plug-in.

Google Analytics

When it comes to how to use WordPress to track your customers, Google Analytics will help you keep track of who’s visiting your page, where they’re from, and a lot more information that’s valuable when it comes to knowing your customers. The Google “”Analyticater”” offered by WordPress makes it very easy to add this to your website.

XML Sitemaps

The XML Sitemaps plug-in will make you much more visible to your customers — in fact, if your customers can’t find you, it’s not likely you will have any business at all to speak of. However, Sitemaps easily makes you visible to search engines as they crawl your site, which gets you seen on the web — and therefore gets you more customers.


AWeber is a service that, although not free, can really help you explode your business. Used with WordPress, it’s another way you can really automate your business. With this service, you can basically turn autoresponder functions into guaranteed customer draws. You can create website sign-up forms, which will help you attract customers; instead of simply having visitors anonymously visit your site and then go away, you can simply include a sign-up form on your blog using AWeber’s simple “”point-and-click”” interactive functionality.

That’s not all, though. While most auto responders will send canned messages to subscribers after sign-up and other functions, AWeber actually provides you the ability to give personalized e-mails to subscribers or customers in an automated sequence that’s really going to give you the ability to connect with your customers — and your potential customers, too. What’s more, you can also schedule autoresponder functions so that they’ll go up when you know your customers are likely to be thinking about reordering, as applicable. Again, this is all automatic, and he will only rarely have to lift a finger after initial setup.

All of this and more is available if you know how to use WordPress and associated plug-ins and services to fully automate your business. Of course, your business is still going to need you to run it, but automating it as much as possible for the simple day-to-day mundane tasks such as those described above will to free you up to focus on the really important part of your business, which is to provide quality products and/or services.

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