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How to rank a site high in Google.

Before you start ranking your site in Google, make sure the site is already indexed in Google. And if it’s already indexed in Google, then you may start doing SEO works on your site. Otherwise, get a link to your site from other sites that are already indexed in Google.

There are different methods of increasing the SERP of your site. SERP stands for Search Engine Ranking Position. Getting quality backlinks to your site should be your first aim when you think about increasing the SERP of your site. And when you publish quality content in your website, you’ll be automatically getting quality backlinks. People will like to point to an article published in your site, if its worth reading. And they would be interested in writing a short introduction regarding the post in your site and then may give a link to your site from their site – so that the visitors of their site can come to your site and read that wonderful post that you have created there, in your site. This way, you are getting an easy quality backlink and also free traffic.

So, that’s one of the ways of getting free backlinks. It may sound tough for you. But once you start publishing quality posts in your sites, you’ll start seeing a lot of traffic. And that will supplement you with a lot of quality one way backlinks as well.

Another way to get backlink is to contact webmasters directly. If you find a site that is related with yours, then try to get the email id of the webmaster and get in touch with him. Ask him to put a link to your site, and also ask what he wants from you in return of that. Some may ask a fee for putting your link on a monthly basis. And some may offer you a fee to put a permanent link – this will be a discounted fee – though it might be an higher amount. You may even find people who won’t be asking any fee at all- but they may ask a link in return for that from your site. In that case, you’ll have to link back to their site as well – and this is called as reciprocal linking. So that’s about getting backlinks directly from webmasters.

Doing the things that are mentioned above, you can increase the ranking of your site. But make sure you are getting links from quality sites, that are related with the niche that you are targeting.

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