How to Pick WordPress Plugins That Fit Your Blog Needs

How to Pick WordPress Plugins That Fit Your Blog Needs

If you have a hosted WordPress website you can add plugins. These little programs can change the features of your blog and make it fit your unique needs. But deciding which plugin to use can be a challenge with so many available.

Why is the decision so hard?

The number of plugins available is ever growing on the WordPress directory. In just the past 3 months over 1000 plugins were added. So it is virtually impossible for someone to test all the different plugins and combine them with different themes and in various combinations.

What about support services?

Most WordPress plugins are free. The developer(s) of a plugin may have a full time job, may have stopped updating it, or whatever, but they may or may not provide support. Even when they do provide support remember the plugin is free. They are not making any money except through the occasional donation.

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

Most plugins can be easily installed from the dashboard, your WordPress back office. Scroll down to plugins and click the arrow, beneath in the new menu click “”Add new.”” Search for the name of the plugin or the feature you need. Now you will have a list but it is important to make certain the plugin meets certain criteria.

What is the rating?

Look at the stars. Most of the plugins have some sort of ranking. While you do not know how many people voted for that 5 stars, chances are it is worth more research than the one with one star.

Does the description meet your needs?

Just because a plugin matches your term does not mean that it actually matches your needs. People have different needs. A plugin for photos could turn your site into a gallery, allow you to edit your photos in WordPress, work with one photo program but not another or it may work with both. So you want to be certain the plugin fits your needs.

Do I install it now?

If you still like the program click Install. Now you get more information and more criteria.

How long ago was the last plugin updated?

Over 365 days ago is over a year ago. 10 days means it is fairly current.

Is it compatible with your WordPress Version?

Do not worry if it has not been tested.

How many people rated it?

You knew from the previous screen how many stars, but now you can find out how many people rated it. 290 people rating a plugin 4 stars is far more impressive than one person rating it 5 stars.

How many downloads are there?

Like the rating, more downloads gives it a better chance of being a workable plugin.

Will the plugin work?

Most plugins will not cause too much trouble, you can back up your blog for precaution. If the plugin is still to your liking then you can install it. Activate and see how it works. Again because there are so many themes and you could use it with a combination of plugins, that does not mean it will work in your case. Plugins are free so they are worth trying!

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