How to Obtain Steady Blog Traffic

How to Obtain Steady Blog Traffic

Blogging is simple but getting steady traffic to your blog can be one of the hardest things you need to do and without traffic then there isn’t much point in even blogging because noone is seeing what you’re writing. If you want to obtain steady traffic then how hard you work the first couple months will determine everything, and basically if you work hard and give your blog time to establish itself then it will. It takes a little while before you’ll begin getting search engine rankings and this is what you’re aiming for as search engine traffic is by far the steadiest stream you’ll find. To rank in the search engines though you’ll need lots of links pointing to your blog and this can be time consuming. One thing that you should do is make sure you try spreading out the links you build by doing different marketing techniques.

In the beginning you do lots of social bookmarking for your blog and also as many Ezine submissions that you possibly can submit. These submissions will help you out tremendously with getting your blog indexed and into the search engine rankings. Usually you’ll need a solid few months before ranking steadily on the first page for any main keywords but longtail keywords can be obtained weeks after starting your blog.

The key is to build constant and natural links to your blog, meaning you shouldn’t submit to 100 directories one day and then none the rest of the week. Instead try submitting to 15 directories daily and it will seem like a lot more natural progression in the eyes of Google.

Social bookmarking will help to get your site indexed also and this also helps bring traffic to your blog. If you post daily and submit it to social bookmarking sites then you’ll have some traffic from there everyday but it won’t be that targeted or profitable of traffic.

The profitable traffic is the search engine traffic and once that starts coming into your blog in full effect then you’ll stand a lot better chance of having good steady profitable traffic on your blog. You need to ensure you offer your visitors valuable content though or else you won’t stand much of a chance when it comes to keeping your readers on your blog.

Return visitors are what keeps blogs alive and running and to have return visitors come to your blog you need to offer information that they are looking for. To do this you need to research your niche and then write content that is valuable to the people reading it. If you have a sports blog don’t write about space travel on it as most likely nobody there is interested in that topic. Instead serve up the hottest sports highlights from around the world everyday and you’ll soon see lots of traffic coming into your blog. The key is knowing your niche and then capitalizing on the information learned.

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