How to Have People Write Blog Posts for You now

How to Have People Write Blog Posts for You

As a blogger you’ll need a lot of content and typically to run a successful blog you’ll need to post at least once a day. In many niches like technology and entertainment you’ll find that the good bloggers make anywhere from five too twenty posts a day. Now if you’re a one man or woman show then you’ll know how much work it is too try and write twenty posts a day while still promoting the blog. It’s nearly impossible too do unless you spent all of your time everyday writing and promoting your blog. This isn’t usually an option because in most cases your blog won’t earn you a full time income.

You could hire writers to help you get the posts done each day, but if your blog isn’t making much money then you’re not going to want to spend money on content. If your blog is making money then I would recommend buying content because it will be much better quality then any free content that you get. In the beginning though you’ll want to resort to having people write free content for your blog, and then once it starts making money you can start implementing paid content that is of better quality.

To have people write for your blog for free it will take some work, and you’ll in most cases need to offer some sort of bonus or reward to the posters. The best way to offer people a reward is either through a contest or a revenue sharing plug-in. If you choose to run a contest on your blog for the people who offer content you’ll want to do it something like this. You should get ten great prizes that you post on a page of the blog, and you let everyone know on your blog that the people with the most posts will win these prizes at the end of each month. You’ll need to buy ten prizes each month for this method, but it’s a lot cheaper then buying content on a daily basis. If you have more then ten people posting and battling for the prized then you’re going to be well into the profits in no time. The goal is too get as many people posting on your blog each day as possible. If you choose that you want to run a revenue sharing plug-in then it’s really simple to do. All you need to do is activate the plug-in and allow people to register on your blog. Then when they post articles there Adsense will appear 50% of the time and your Adsense will appear the other 50% of the time. So you can make money off of their content with this method plus you’ll be filling up your blog with free content.

If your blog is new then you might not have the luxury of just making a post on the blog letting people know that they can win prizes or money for posting on your blog. You might need to go out around the internet and find people to post for you. The best place would be on forums in your niche, so for instance if you have a celebrity blog then you should try finding some teenagers in forums who will post on your forums in hopes of winning prized. It shouldn’t be too hard to find people on forums as there always looking for ways too win prizes and money online, especially if your niche is suitable for teenagers.

As you can see there are some great methods for getting free content on your blogs, so don’t think that your only options are paying someone too write the content or you yourself having to write the content. There are options for getting free content and in the beginning stages of your blogging career you should work on finding as much free content as possible. Content is king on blogs and the more you have the higher you’ll rank in the search engines and the more traffic you’ll get, which directly will result in making more money off of your blog.

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