How to become a webmaster? (Part – 7)

This is the seventh part of our “How to become a webmaster” series. In the earlier parts, we have studied things like what is a webmaster forum, how to create an account in a webmaster forum, the different parts of a webmaster forum, earning money by selling forum signature etc. Now its time to learn something advanced.

One of the main aims of a webmaster should be to create some reputation over at webmaster forums. Let’s take the case of DP (digital point forums). Here, the reputation of a member is decided based on the reputation blobs the member has got. New members start with one blob. Reputation blobs are small blocks in green color that you’ll see on the right side of each member’s posts. On the right side, there will be total number of posts, join date (the date on which the member joined the forum) and also the reputation blobs. New members will be with just one blob. A member with all the reputation blobs, fully filled are extremely useful members of the forum and they are treated as reputed members. So, how can you become a reputed member just like them?

You can also become a reputed member just like them. It’s not that tough as it might seem. The blob count will go on increasing based on the number of quality posts you make in the forum. But it’s not an automated process. If someone likes your post, he may give you a +1 rating for your post. On the other hand, if they don’t like, then they may give a negative rating. This way, while you keep on contributing to the forum, you’ll see your reputation points and reputation blobs increasing. But, sometimes you may not get any rating for your post even if it’s a damn great one. Only if someone likes it and gives it a rating, you’ll get one. Not all members at DP rate posts even if they like them. Its not because they don’t want to make others reputed, but it’s because they are not used to it. But there are members who always rate posts that are informative. So, keep posting informative things. Soon you will see the number of blobs in your profile increasing.

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