How to Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated

Google is the most popular search engine online which is why they continually struggle to make sure they keep their reputation clean and unblemished. Which is why doing the wrong thing in Adsense whether you deliberately did it or not can get you a severe penalty like having your account terminated or banned. Being a webmaster you do not want that!

So if you are interested in Adsense to earn money off your websites instead of jumping right into it you must know the things you should and shouldn’t do.

Things you should not do in Adsense:

The texts in your ads must be readable. Filling your ads with texts that are too small and that blend in with the color of your webpage is against the rules and you can end up getting the same penalty as someone who is hiding a link would.

Page cloaking is also an common practice but a big no-no! People do this by using a bot sniffer, to show your visitors a different page than the one they will be seeing if they click on it. It’s a way of tricking people to click on your ads. This can get you a severe penalty.

The popular rule that people make is having duplicate content on their websites. Search engines will look at domain IP’s, registry dates and other information and will know if you post the same content to the multiple websites you have.

Selling your page ranks. Selling or trading your page ranks can result in a definite ban from Adsense. There is nothing wrong with selling links and gaining links but directly advertising your page rank for sale can get you a ban for sure.

If you keep these points in mind you can be one of the successful webmasters that have made hundreds and thousands on Adsense. Learn all the techniques and strategies you can as long as they are in bounds of Google rules!


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