Having a blog is something very common in cyber world

Having a blog is something very common in cyber world. What makes a blog more superior than other millions of blogs is its friendliness with SEO. The acronym “SEO’’ refers to “search engine optimization” which means the process of improving and elevating volume of traffic to a website from search engines via normal search results. Blogs with better SEO gets heavier traffic and readership compared to the ones with poor SEO. In this case, WordPress websites are able to create SEO friendly sites.
Nothing beats WordPress when it comes to content management systems. WordPress works with themes that are CSS- based. Therefore, it is wise to pick SEO- compliant designs for WordPress which will propel your blog to success. Search engines prefer designs that are CSS- based whether you have a static site or content management systems. It is advisable to exclude Flash or large amount of Javascript because search engines do not read these well. Design features that take ages to load despite fast connection also makes your site less popular in search engines. WordPress countered the problem with its structured configuration that disallows too many design features.
WordPress is also very versatile when it comes to choosing themes. Choosing appropriate theme for you blog is very important to narrow down search. Themes or designs that are associated with certain keywords or keyword phrases are equally important. This is because when your site is indexed by search engines, they will actually review the blog contents and themes. WordPress makes this possible with its easy customization of blog themes. Whether it is Kubrick theme or custom theme, WordPress setup is so user- friendly that switching themes is not difficult to match your website. Your theme is a fundamental approach to appeal to search engines.
WordPress is SEO friendly with its easier customization of URL structure. Users can easily modify and edit their permalinks through WordPress dashboard. All they need to do is to go to ‘Customize Permalink Structure’ page and select ‘Custom Structure’ Option. The main purpose of doing this is to list the Post Name and Post ID number in URL to customize it as /%postname%/%post_id%/. After installing and activating Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin, you are able to change your .htaccess file before updating your new permalink structure. Simple steps like these will ensure that only one URL is associated with one blog entry. This makes your WordPress URL very SEO friendly.
Furthermore, permanent texts on your WordPress front page make your website more SEO friendly. This can be achieved with WordPress template which can be easily modified to include a text box right under blog header. Bloggers just need to write texts that show up on permanent basis. Texts that are associated only with your blog makes your blog pop out in search results. From this way, your blog will stand out among crowds of other findings because of your significant permanent texts.
It is advisable to sign up for RSS feed for to optimize search for your WordPress blog. “Really Simple Syndication” of simply RSS is a feed format used for blog entries, news and headlines in a standardized format. Each update of your blog entry will be featured in mailbox of people who subscribe to your feed. Also, with RSS feed, it is easier for people to track down your blog titles. WordPress makes RSS customization a simple job with its clear instructions that even beginners can follow. Resolving your RSS customization would mean that the chance of your blog entries being found in search engines is rather high.
To make your WordPress more SEO friendly, there are many plug- ins that you can install. There are as much as 24 plug –ins that WordPress bloggers are recommended to install. Although having a matched theme for your website is sufficient, you can always make your website outstanding since your downloaded theme might be used by other bloggers too. WordPress bloggers can install Akismet, All in one SEO Pack, Feed Copyrighter Plugin and Homepage Excerpts. These plug- ins make your website popular to readers as well as appealing to search engines.
In conclusion, the presence of your blog among a sea of other blogs does not mean that yours will be engulfed quite easily. Making your blog SEO friendly solves the problem easily as well as creating a path to your blog success in long- term.

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