For more advanced WordPress users

For more advanced WordPress users who are looking for plugins to upgrade to, here are some nifty suggestions. Imagine a blog reader finding a useful link on your blog. Then imagine the reader clicking on the link only to find out that the link is broken. To avoid such frustrations, have this broken link checker installed on your blog. It helps you keep on top of things by checking your posts in the background while your WordPress administration page is open. It will then send you a notification on the Dashboard should a problem be found. It also checks outgoing and incoming links and you can time the intervals these checks are carried out.
If you have been blogging for a long time, nothing matters more than knowing that your posts are secure and accessible in the event of a fault. Backup your database on WordPress by using this plugin. It is compatible especially for Windows users.

Hard to deal with your codes on the blog? There are plugins that easily colorizes your codes making it standout and easy to read. The plugins are usually free of server dependency and supports multiple languages such as ; C & C++, C#, Delphi, CSS, JAVA, JS (Java Script) and more. For example, the Hex Hub HTML Color Codes and the Code Markup.
You have a RSS feed on your blog, now add to it! The Feedfooter is a handy plugin that puts an extra footer part on your RSS feed. You could place a greeting, an advertisement link or a personalized note to readers. It supports HTML enabling the embedding of banners right on the RSS feed. With 10 spots, you could place 10 different footers which rotate throughout your blog.
This cool plugin is a must have for your blog. The clicks made on your blog by readers are color coded with the most clicked on part turning red. It helps you easily track the most strategic locations for banners and ads and to know which links and advertisements are working and which are not. Having cool looking aesthetics does not hurt as well.
If you are a regular poster, the TinyMCE plugin is a nice WordPress plugin that allows you to change between a multitude of design choices to your blog post. This plugin is a timesaver with many shortcuts as well as a drag and drop option. In addition, linking, imagine and embedding videos are fast and easy.

This plugin brings your blog to new levels. It shows relevant posts and blogs when reader click on it. With high profile websites such as the CNN using this plugin, your blog could be linked to this international site should their news article be related to your blog post.

Just when you think you have seen it all, there are more plugins out there which can make your blog faster, cleaner and just more user friendly – increasing your traffic – which is the whole point of your blog in the beginning.

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