Follow people on Twitter

Follow people on Twitter

Twitter one of the newer social networking websites out there; it’s a fun place to spend some time just looking around. A quick and free sign up will have you hopping around looking at other people on Twitter. You can also add your friends by using the email invite button, or the email match to see if some of your contacts are already on Twitter.

One of the coolest things about Twitter is the fact that you can look for others by name, or you can look at the tab that says “suggested matches”. These are the people Twitter thinks you should find interesting. Plus there seems to be several celebrities that are on this site too. A fun thing to do is to look up a celebrity and see who they are following, and who’s following them. It’s a quick way to add up people you want to follow at times. Someone you may not have thought of that is famous, and they are following all you do is go to the next pages and follow that other person too.

People will add you to who they are following too. It’s really neat to see that people you don’t even know would like to follow what’s going on with you. Maybe you write a blog that they find interesting, or some other reason. But really who cares as long as they don’t turn out to be a stalker, to get a message saying someone is following you is just a good feeling.

You can also pull up different topics, say you love “botany”, pull up the word and see if there might be others who are into botany. Follow them and perhaps you will learn more about the topic. Or you can find a friend who you can talk to about a subject that interests you both.

As with anything on the internet there may be some things that are inappropriate for younger kids. So you may want to just check if you son or daughter are on Twitter what they are following. Make sure that you tell them not too discuss any personal information with others either, but that’s on all kinds of websites you just need to be careful.

Following people on Twitter is so easy to do, once you find a person who you’d like to keep track of, just click on the follow button placed right below their picture or icon. Find some lifelong friends that you may never have met had it not been for Twitter. Or perhaps you’re a person who is shy in social settings. This is a way that you won’t need to go out of your house to meet someone. No more feeling awkward as your not sure what to say. Online it’s a lot easier to talk, your not face to face with someone, your not wondering if there is food in your teeth, or how you look. Try out Twitter to see if you can meet some great friends.

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