Creating a Sticky Homepage in WordPress

´╗┐Creating a Sticky Homepage in WordPress The process is relatively simple and is very effective when you want new visitors to your site to read an introduction to your site, but have more instant news updates appear as well. First, navigate to Posts > Add New and write the content you’d like to always be present on your homepage. Under Publish > Visibility (top right side) click Edit. Next, click the check box to ""Stick this post to the front page"". Publish your document, then navigate to Settings > Reading. The default setting for WordPress front page displays is ""your latest posts"" and this what you’ll need to be set to for your latest post content to appear on the homepage. Now that you’ve made a ""sticky homepage"" that particular post will always be at the top. Further customizations can be made under Reading Settings, such as the number of blog posts to show on the home page and whether to include the full text or a summary. In the case of our Site Sparker website, our blog posts are very short so we’ve chosen to post the full text. But if your blog entries are very long, then you should choose the Summary setting so that only a portion of your blog appears on the homepage. That will ensure visitors can scroll very quickly through all of your posts to find what they’re looking for. If this is at all confusing, you can find a video version of this tutorial at the link below, where it’s explained visually, inside the WP interface.

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