Collecting Subscriber Leads

Collecting Subscriber Leads

If you’re seeking to grow your internet business, one of the best things you can do is collect subscriber leads. However, to keep this from turning into an overwhelming task, I would suggest that you utilize methods of collection that can be done automatically. Instead of gathering them manually, which is possible, the following methods of collecting subscriber leads require setup but then you can pretty much leave them alone to do the work..

First, when designing your website, make certain that everyone who visits, regardless of how they get there, signs up for either a newsletter or some other form of regular e-mailing. Granted you can’t push them to sign up, but you can enthusiastically encourage them to make use of all the benefits your site has to offer. In return, you will be reaping all the benefits that result from obtaining these all-important subscriber leads.

Another method for collecting subscriber leads by doing surveys. Put survey ads on your website. When the person checks it out, tell them all the details of the survey and how they can profit from it. Then make certain the only way they can respond is by signing up. This is a smart way to gather leads, and most visitors will be willing to give at least an e-mail address for the chance of getting to respond to the survey.

Another method of collecting leads is through affiliating. When you are part of an affiliate program, you will realize the benefit of acquiring leads that an affiliate will create and forward to you.

For this collection process you will be required to get an opt-in program and an auto-responder. These two programs will let you gather the information you need and instantly send out a confirmation e-mail to the new subscriber. I would adamantly suggest that you not be too fussy about demanding that every field be filled in. Some people will be nervous about giving a name, or a street address and telephone number. So don’t push the issue. Having sufficient information from the subscriber to be able to contact them at least one way, is better than having no contact information because you made them feel pressured.

One other method of collecting is possible but may not work as well. It’s called a mailing list, or a subscriber list, and you can buy these. However, I warn you about these because you may discover that often subscribers had not wanted their information sold, and you may end up damaging your reputation from the start as a result. It can work, but consider the price involved and consider whether it is a reasonable way for you to gather leads.

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