CardOffers Affiliate Program


If you’re looking to jump into the online financial industry then there in no better way to do this then by joining CardOffers. As a CardOffers affiliate marketer you’ll be aloud to promote over 150 different credit cards on your website and earn up to $160 commission per approved applicant. The financial industry is a very fierce market to jump into as a webmaster and the costs of marketing and promotion are going to be expensive.

The CardOffers network has the ability of making you rich as long as you can get qualified traffic to your website. This has become easier over the past couple yeas as more and more social networks open there doors to the public. Before you become an affiliate in the financial industry you should have some knowledge of making websites or blogs profitable.

Whether you choose to promote the credit card offers through a website or blog is up to you and there are actually quite a few other qualified traffic areas. Below you’ll find the traffic that is aloud in the CardOffers network, if it’s not listed then you can’t gain traffic from that resource so make sure you don’t or you may face being banned from the program.

•    Organic

•    Search Engine Optimization

•    Pay-Per-Click

•    Email

•    Contextual

•    Real-Time Delivery

•    Hosted / Non-Hosted Co-Registration

•    Exit Pop-Ups

•    Blogs

•    Ad Networks

There isn’t any other network out there that can offer you 150 credit cards to promote and this gives you a lot of flexibility. Most people promote the entire selection of credit cards, but if you’re going after a niche market then you might want to send your traffic to only certain credit cards. if you own a travel blog for instance then you could implement travel credit cards into your blog.

As a CardOffers credit card program you have the ability to earn two commissions per referred customer. They pay for every completed application as well as accepted applications, and the payouts are as followed.

•    $160 per accepted credit card application

•    $20 per submitted credit card application

CardOffers will supply you will a whole host of tools to promote their program as well and you should take advantage of them. They have plenty of banners in all the different sizes you could imagine so make sure to use some banners throughout your website or blog.

Apart from banners you’ll be aloud to create your own website with their website generator and you’ll also be able to create templates. You don’t even need to own a website before becoming a CardOffers affiliate which means anyone can become an affiliate in their network.

Once you have your website set-up you need to start sending traffic to it by building links all over the place. Start becoming active in financial websites, blogs and forums and don’t stop promoting your website. Over time as you gain search engine rankings you’ll start getting qualified traffic and making money. It’s one of the most competitive networks out there and you need to be very patient. It may take months to start making money in this industry so if patience aren’t a virtue don’t even bother trying.


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