Blog users have turned themselves into graphic- savvy people

´╗┐Blog users have turned themselves into graphic- savvy people. Some famous and popular blogs are very distinctive not only their contents and posts but also their designs. Even if you are not an influential blogger, you still prefer to create a blog that portrays your personality. Themes featured in websites are not merely there to decorate sites. They are created to show individuality and personalization. Kubrick theme has become WordPress staple in terms of site theme. However, there are several reasons why custom themes are chosen over Kubrick theme.
The theme chosen is crucial to portray the type of blog you want show to public. Photography blogs adapt more photo- related layout designs than bland and boring theme to show more attitudes. Beauty blogs will of course feature cosmetic-related headers and pastel- coloured layout designs. That is why Kubrick theme is slowly fading from blogging scene. Kubrick theme has simply failed to bring the X- factor in blogs no matter how well the posts are written. People feast their eyes first before reading the contents.
Another reason to the rising popularity of custom theme over Kubrick theme is practicality. Custom theme can be changed many times according to your liking whereas for Kubrick theme, you can only re-adapt it. If it is total makeover that people want, Kubrick theme loses out big time because no matter how you re-adapt the theme, it still retains the Kubrick look. That is a turn- off to many users which explains the declining popularity of Kubrick theme.
For beginners, Kubrick theme is used to start a blog. However, after they are well- versed in site application they might want to change themes for fresher look. People do get bored easily with the same theme. In this case, people will get bored of Kubrick theme if the theme is used for a long time.
Custom theme is created to make blogosphere merrier with bright hues and pictures. If everyone is using Kubrick theme for WordPress sites, reading blog is going to be so boring since you will be looking at the same layout over and over again. Therefore, custom themes are the best solution to re-create websites with a dash of personalization and attitude.
Creating new themes out of sheer enjoyment seems to be popular for people who have basic HTML, CSS and Photoshop skills. More people are utilizing their talents to customize their own sites. Sometimes it is not about reputation, people do enjoy being creative. Using only Kubrick theme in websites only makes your creativity stagnant.
People also download many themes at the same time to keep in case they want to test which theme suit their blogs the best. Unlike Kubrick theme, custom themes can be studied and reproduce to create new and better designs. Even if you are IT illiterate, there are always free design websites that give a variety of designs to be chosen. To take your WordPress website to a higher level, you can either choose to hire professionals to design theme of your choice or download limited version of designs form paid websites.
In conclusion, we live in a world where illustration and graphics matter. Kubrick theme used to be the trendiest thing until we discover custom themes.

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