WP List Pro – A List Building WordPress Plugin – My Review

WP List Pro – A Review: What’s up! A friend of mine just developed this pretty nifty List Building Wordress plugin. WP List Pro automatically adds your web site commenters to your email autoresponder list. WP List Pro will also redirect the commenter to a high-value page of your choice The benefits of this are multi-fold: 1. You get to further the relationship with them, via your autoresponder series 2. You get to give them the opportunity to get more value from you, by offering them a freebie 3. You get to present them with a one-time offer (discount on one of your products) – Amazing price! Single site: , Multi-site: , MRR: ! On the down side: – Very focused functionality (not as robust as Max Blog Press’ subscribers magnet – 7) – But incredible value for the money Captures the name and email info of blog commenters, and sends to your auto-responder When they POST their comment, you can direct them to any page you like… such as your squeeze page, or one-time offer page, or relationship-building page (give them a freebie) I like that in addition to a license for WP List Pro, you can also buy Master Resale Rights to the tool… allowing you to brand it, and sell it to your list. Pretty nifty. I’m in!

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  1. CustomizeWordpress December 20, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    Great for marketing I bet.

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