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If you are reading this article, then you must be familiar with WordPress Plugins and would have had some of the basic plugins already. In this article we would be touching upon some of the advanced plugins which can be used in your WordPress website or blog.

The first one which we would like to introduce is the WP Greet Box. Your greeting message would be customized depending on your referral URL. For example, if you are a Twitter user, you will see a message telling you to twit the post and follow you on Twitter. However, you can also set a customized message for new guests. This is a very cool plugin to use!

Another plugin called the Heatmap is also useful if you would like to know which part of your website is visited the most. With this, you can arrange your important messages or even advertisements in that area. By doing this, most of your guests would see your important messages and even things that you wish to advertise.

Other than the above, another plugin that would be great for you and your users is the Sphere Related Content. This plugin exhibits an icon which when you click on it, it would guide you to related websites from the internet. For example, if your article was to comment on the recent economy recession, the plugin would direct you to other websites such as Forbes or CNN which have related posts.

DISQUS Comment plugin would also be one of the plugins that you should have in your website or blog if you would like to facilitate discussions. This plugin would allow your guests and yourself to communicate through a forum-like community. In addition, DISQUS widget can also be used to show the statistical information from your DISQUS Comment plugin.

Another advanced plugin which you might want to consider is the Tiny MCE Advanced plugin. This plugin combines 15 plugins to TinyMCE which are the Print, Layer, Search and Replace, Advanced hr, Context Menu, Advanced Image, Emotions (Smilies), Table, Date and Time, IESpell, , Nonbreaking, , Style, Advanced Link, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras.

On the other hand, if you are fed up of the routine copy and paste work for embedded HTML codes from websites like YouTube, then the Viper

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