WordPress Plugins

Anyone can have a WordPress blog today; it is just so simple, easy, and fast. However, once you have a WordPress blog you will need to install various WordPress plugins in order to avail more features and functions WordPress so you can customize your blog more and enjoy. Talking about the community of WordPress, I would say that there are thousands of plugins available and something new keeps on coming out every day.

Let me give you some of the most significant and important WordPress plugins that you need install at the very first and then move on to anything else.

‘Google XML Sitemaps’ is a very essential plugin that generates a special XML sitemap. When you do this, search engines including Ask.com, Bing, Yahoo, and Google will index your blog in a better way. Once this map is generated about your blog, the search engines automatically get to know about any changes that you make over your blog hence they check it right away and promote your blog.

‘Yoast WordPress SEO’ is the plugin that defines what all in one SEO for a WordPress blog really is. It will let you avail several options including XML sitemaps, content analysis, on page analysis, and many other things. This will work as a SEO functionalist and helper side by side in order to get your blog higher improving the strength of your blog SEO. ‘Yet Another Related Posts Plugin’; well, this really is a name for a plugin and is a very important one as well.

This plugin will make sure that each of your post automatically gets a link at the bottom so more traffic can be generated. You will see that the bounce rate will decrease and it will help in keeping the readers on your blog for a longer period of time than before.

‘Shareaholic SexyBookmarks’; now the name might sound cheesy but it is also an interesting WordPress plugin. X-HTML compliant list is what this plugin adds; this compliant list is having social bookmarking icons with every post of yours. Giving you social engagement analytics, this plugin highly helps in growing your traffic and increasing your referrals. These are just a few effective WordPress plugins that you need to necessarily have. However, as I mentioned before that there are literally thousands of WordPress plugins that you can search and install from so research more and see what all you can avail and make use of.