WordPress Plugins That Can Make Your Website Better

´╗┐WordPress Plugins That Can Make Your Website Better

If you want to make your website better these plugins can help. Plugins allow you to add features and functions to your blog without having to learn programming language. You might notice a common theme with these plugins. All of these use WP or WordPress in their WordPress plugin names.

WordPress Database Backup

No one plans for their site to crash, but sometimes it happens. With this blog plugin you can schedule regular backups of your website to be sent automatically to your email. You do not have to worry about remembering or being on vacation.

WordPress Firewall

Similar to the firewall you may have installed on your computer, this blocks suspicious parameters. This means that if it detects something suspicious happening to your WordPress website it blocks it. It also logs the interaction for you to check over later. You can also whitelist your own IPS address and your other blog writers further limiting access.

WP Optimize

You probably have noticed every time you make a change to your posts, WordPress saves a revision. After a while all those revisions grow into mountains. You also have extra information saved on various code sheets that make up your site with installing and uninstalling plugins and themes. Optimize your site with this WordPress plugin.

WordPress Mobile Edition

More and more people are checking websites on their phone. But phone browsers may not be able to read your theme. When this WordPress blog plugin detects a phone it uses a mobile friendly theme instead of your normal one. Now your readers can continue to have access to your site wherever they roam.

WordPress Stats

Many statistics plugins take setting up and then require a learning curve to understand. With WordPress Stats you visit the plugin on your dashboard. The line graph show number of visitors. The tables below show you what pages people visited, what brought them to your site and reminds you of your busiest day.

WordPress Thread Comment

Social media has gained in popularity because people like to interact. The standard WordPress comment system allows comments to flow in time order which makes it hard for people to understand when one comment is responding to another. Not with this plugin, your readers and you can comment directly. The response will be with the original comment to flow evenly and logically.

WP Super Cache

While you are getting the site working better this will come in handy as well. Most of your visitors will see a saved static file version of your site. This allows your website to run faster and will help should your site suddenly have heavy traffic.

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