WordPress Plugin Nightmares and Solution

barry-wells.com WordPress plugins are a great help to all of us bloggers as they add great features to our blogs. It doesn’t matter what you want to ad to your blogs you’ll find a plugin to do it and quite often we install plugin after plugin unaware that they can often cause conflicts with each other and slow our loading times right down. In this video I demonstrate a great plugin that I have started using called P3, Plugin Performance Profiler, which will give you a break down of all the plugins you’re using on your WordPress blogs and allow you to pinpoint which ones are causing issues and are slow to load. You can email the results to yourself so you can spend a little time assessing each one. Then if you find one that’s a concern simply look for an alternative plugin that does the same job and compare them. If you’d like to subscribe to my YouTube channel you’ll be notified when I upload new videos. You can also connect with me on my blog barry-wells.com Or alternatively On Facebook www.facebook.com On Twitter: twitter.com On Google Plus: plus.google.com

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2 Responses to WordPress Plugin Nightmares and Solution

  1. MassageAndMind May 4, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    That’s great idea Barry. I am guilty of installing plugin after plugin and then suffering the consequences.
    This P· plugin looks like it could be very very useful.
    I’m off to install it now!

  2. barryAwells May 5, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    I think most of us are guilty of installing to many plugins. Hopefully this one will help pinpoint any that are causing concerns.

    Thanks, Barry

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