WordPress Plug-Ins Every Webmaster should be using

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If you use wordpress as your content management system then you need to take advantage of the many plug-ins available to use. Everyday there are more plug-ins added to wordpress from developers all across the globe and you should make sure you implement the useful ones into your blog. In this article we’re going to look at some of the free wordpress plug-ins that every webmaster should use on there blogs.

#1 – Google Sitemap Generator Plug-in

There are a couple Google sitemap generator plug-ins on the market for wordpress and you can choose whichever one you want. By using this plug-in you’ll allow the search engines to easily find all your posts and pages which will allow them to index your pages quicker.

#2 – All-In-One-SEO-Plug-in

The All-In-One-SEO-Plug-in optimizes your blog posts and pages for the search engines. You will be able to input your own title, keywords and description for the search engines so it allows you to target the keywords that you want to target. This plug-in is viral for attracting search engine traffic from long-tail keywords and if you don’t use this plug-in you shouldn’t blog.

#3 – WordPress Back-up Plug-in

The wordpress back-up plug-in is very important to ensuring that you never lose any of your blog data. When you start customizing and changing things on your blog things can go wrong and if you don’t have a back-up of your blog then you could be in trouble. By activating this plug-in it will automatically create back-ups of your blog for you.

#4 – Related Posts Plug-in

The related-posts plug-in inputs links to older posts at the bottom of every new post you make. This is great for two reasons which are the fact that your visitors will be able to find related content on your blog to read which keeps them on your blog longer, and you’ll also have great inter-linking throughout your blog with this plug-in which is important for the search engines.

#5 – Sociable Plug-in

The sociable plug-in will place a small box of icons at the bottom of your posts and it will allow your blog readers to submit your posts to the social bookmarking websites. This is a good way to get free traffic from your visitors and if you get enough votes your posts could go viral.

There are plenty other wordpress plug-ins that you should use, but these ones are vital and should be installed instantly every time you start a new blog. Once you have them all on your computer then it’s quick to upload them to your new blogs and it’s important that you spend the time setting-up your blog properly so that it’s optimized for the search engines and blog readers.

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