WordPress Marketing

Wordpress Marketing

Blogging nowadays is a lot more then just jotting down your opinions and feelings onto a webpage in hopes of people finding it. Now you can take your blogs fate and rest it in your marketing skills and tactics. Every month there are new social networks being opened up for bloggers to interact with each other and to help each other with traffic. Many networks offer traffic trading programs for bloggers which can benefit your blog tremendously depending on which you choose. Sites like EntreCard and MyBlogLog are top picks for these types of programs. Besides traffic trading you can also market your blog using social bookmarking sites or social networking sites. Websites like Digg and Propeller allow you to submit each blog post to there website to receive a backlink and also traffic. People can vote for your post on whether they like it or not and you can receive very nice amounts of traffic from these sites if you have good content. Youtube is becoming huge lately to and many bloggers are using the Youtube platform to voice there opinions on topics relating to their blog topic. This helps them generate traffic to the blog and with millions of people using Youtube each day bloggers are beginning to adapt to marketing through video.

As you can see there are almost unlimited options when thinking of how to market your blog. Forums can be a great place to interact with people and the signature line can house your blog URL which will over time attract clicks and traffic. When you’re marketing your WordPress blog you should make sure that you try utilizing all the possible options that you can and make sure to get your link out there. Becoming active on other blogs is one way to do this and you should comment on the blogs in your niche that have traffic to get your name and blog out there. Often after you comment for a week or two straight the blog owner will take notice to you and may even offer you a link exchange. The more you get yourself and your blog out into the market the better chance you’ll have at obtaining traffic.

Article submissions are popular also when marketing your blog and especially in the beginning stages of your blog. Submitting to websites like EzineArticles can not only boost your traffic but it can help to get your blog indexed in the search engines. When you utilize article marketing make sure you include deep links into your articles and not just the homepage. Deeplinks are actually more important then homepage links and the more deeplinks you can get the more search engine traffic you’ll receive. It takes months to rank in the search engines but once you do the traffic will be worth it. Once you obtain the rankings in the search engines that you wanted you’ll need to continue marketing to keep those rankings.

Blogs have been known to help people get search engine traffic due to the many plug-ins available, and frankly it’s simple for anyone to do. Longtail keywords are easily attainable using WordPress and you shouldn’t have problems getting traffic from your longtail keywords. The most important part of your marketing when using WordPress is your keyword selection. You want to make sure that you’re targeting highly searched terms but with the least amount of competition. Using programs like Wordtracker will help you find keywords and keyword phrases for you to optimize on your blog.

Make sure you also use all the great plug-ins that will help you with the SEO of your blog and overall help your marketing efforts. There is plug-ins for choosing your search engine title, keywords and description which is a mandatory plug-in in my opinion and will help you rank for the terms you want to rank for. There is many more plug-ins you can utilize but I won’t go into great detail about them right now.

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