Why You Should Start a Membership Website

Why You Should Start a Membership Website

Membership websites have been around since the internet began and they’ve always been very popular forms of revenue for webmasters. There are many reasons why you would benefit from starting your own membership website and we’re going to look at some of those reasons today. Membership websites are now more popular then ever due to software programs coming out that makes setting up a membership website a breeze. There are also over a dozen payment processors to choose from to process your member’s payments which help make things easy.

Basically you’ll be required to set-up your website and then from there you’ll only need to promote it and add updates. There are many choices you need to make when you’re setting up the website in the early stages. You’ll need to decide what you want to offer in the member’s area, and you should be using more then one type of content in your member’s area. For instance if you have a webmaster membership website you should have articles, reports, eBook, software, templates and anything else you can think of. People like seeing lots of options in the member’s area, even though they won’t use most of it they like knowing that you offer enough value for the money. Once you’ve chosen what’s going to be in your member’s area you need to get it done and add it in. You also need to set-up your payment processor and decide whether it will be monthly, yearly or one-off payment. This is strictly preference and you can choose what you want, but generally you should choose monthly.

With monthly recurring payments you’ll be making a stable income from your membership website and this is the goal. There is no point marketing your membership website and then selling one-off payments because then once the crowd joins you won’t make anymore money and you’ll still need to update it. I would go with monthly recurring payments and make sure you offer enough weekly updates so that your clients want to stay a member.

Once you have a membership website with members and recurring payments rolling in you’ll only need to work on updates for the website. This could be outsourced at this point in time since you’ll be making good money and then it’s on complete auto-pilot. You won’t need to do anything except whatever promotions you want to do, and whatever communication you want to make with the members. You should play a role in the communication because people like to talk with the owner and many people will also have questions. You should just make a forum and that will make it very easy for everyone to communicate.

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