Why You Need To Use Article Directories

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As everyone knows in the webmaster world you can’t simply rely on one form of advertising and if you think you can then you won’t do very well online. You need to be willing to sacrifice either time or money to make your site profitable and if you don’t have one of the above two things then you know which one you’ll need to implement.

Most people don’t like investing money into their sites and for these people I suggest you allow for lots of time to get your site going. It can definitely be done for free and you never need to spend money to make it on the internet, it just becomes a lot simpler to spend money in areas that are time consuming. For instance if you spend money on content then you save lots of time that it would usually take you to write articles, this is called outsourcing.

One of the most commonly used methods to promote websites is through article marketing. There are hundreds if not thousands of article directories on the internet and users can register with them and add articles. The point of adding articles to these directories is so that you build backlinks to your site which people can click and go to your site. If you work on submitting articles everyday over time you’ll notice that you’ve gotten lots of visitors from the article directories.

The reason you can get good amounts of traffic from some article directories is because of a few reasons. The obvious reason is that the directories receive a good amount of traffic, which is true. Now a lot of people even use some popular article directories to research topics and to find interesting articles which means if you use the right article directories then you could benefit from targeted traffic.

If people read through and article they usually only click the URL if there interested in what they just read which means that if they are clicking your URL they are interested in your site before they even see it. Once they get to the site it’s your duty to make sure you convert them with solid design and content.

You can gain thousands of backlinks from article directories over time but you need to ensure you only use popular directories. There are many lists on the internet that you can use to find article directories and most of them will list the Alexa ranking and Page rank. You should only submit to article directories with an Alexa rating of under 100,000 and a Page rank of 3. I find submitting to other directories is a waste of good content and could be used more valuably.

Remembering that the content on your site is always more important then any article submissions you do is very vital. If you think that good article submissions will make you money you’re completely wrong. You need a good site, product and sales pitch to make serious money online and without that you won’t make much.

Once you have the product set-up to sell and sales pitch then you can begin using the many off-site promotion and marketing techniques that are all over the internet with article marketing being one of the highly ranked techniques.    

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