What is the Best Valued Article Submitter

What is the Best Valued Article Submitter?

Submitting to article directories is a daily part of webmasters lives and we do it all the time. Submitting to multiple article directories has always been a huge hassle that took up a lot of time that was completely unnecessary. The time I use to spend submitting articles was a complete waste of time, and I wish I could have the many hours I spent back. About three months ago I decided that I was going to start working smarter rather then harder, and to do this I started looking at software I could invest in.

I started looking for article submitters, directory submitters and social bookmarking submitters, and there are all three of these types of products out there. In this article we’re going to discuss which article submitter is best valued and a little bit about it. I have used a few of the different automated article submitters in the past and although they did there job, I knew there was a more efficient program out there. So I decided I would spend some time looking through forums for more options and then I came across Article Post Robot.

Article Post Robot has become a very popular program and I would recommend it to every webmaster. With article post robot you’ll be able to submit an article to roughly 450 article directories automatically, which would normally take weeks to do manually. I mean I don’t even think I had submitted 450 articles before I found automation programs and with this program you can submit to this many directories in minutes. Of course it will take some time for your articles to get accepted and then indexed in the search engines, but once they do you should see a nice increase in traffic and search engine rankings.

How Easy Is Article Post Robot To Use?

• Input the article and author details

• Select which directories you want to submit too

• Simply click one button only and your articles will begin being submitted

This is by far the easiest program out there that I have used, most other article submission programs require that you click a button for each directory. This would mean you would need to click the submit button 450 times to submit your article with some of the programs out there, which isn’t very time efficient. With article post robot you simply input the article and author box and then click submit.

If you compare the prices between Article Post Robot and the other article submission programs out there you’ll also notice that this one is the cheapest. I don’t know how they offer a cheaper price for there program as its way simpler to use then any other out there, but they managed to offer it for this low one-time price. The software also comes with unlimited updates for life, and there support team is always updating the article directory list that they use. We’ll now take a look at the prices of some of the article submission programs out there.

• Article Submitter Pro – $167

• Article Marketer DS – $119.95 per year

• Isnare – $719.40 per year

Article Post Robot is only $127 and that includes lifetime updates of this software program. As you can see it’s by far the best value, and it’s actually priced in most people’s budget which is another great feature. Most of you will be able to invest $127 already so if you can then I would recommend you get this program and start submitting mass articles. It literally takes minutes to submit an article which is a one of a kind program for webmasters.

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