What is Google Page Rank

Google has adopted a method to determine the value of websites and they are doing it by assigning pagerank or PR to sites. The maximum rank a site can get is 10. A site which you have just created won’t be having any PR. It may sometimes not be having even PR 0. In such conditions, if you check the PR of your site, you may find it as N/A – that means not available. It might be due to the reason that – Google might not have gone through your site or they might have found it violating some rules.

Anyways, first you should be installing a page rank checking plugin in your browser. It’ll help you to check the PR of your site instantly. Google used to update PR once in 3-4 months. It was the situation that was with Google earlier. But now, things have pretty much changed. The last 2-3 PR updates took place in like 1-2 months gap. Google might be thinking of doing something cool.

Some domains get a pretty good PR in the very first update after it gets registered. One of the domains that I registered recently got PR 4 in the very first Google PR update. It’s not necessary for your site’s PR to start from zero or one. It can start from any number (<=10). But, you should be prepared to face the fate, if it jumps backwards as well. Yup, that's true, the PR of your site can go downwards also. If Google thinks that your site is not worth the PR that it has at the moment, then it may reduce it in the next update. But don't think google will be going through each and every site. These things would be automated and so it'll based on certain rules and algorithms. Well, finding the rules and algorithms used by Google to rank sites is something almost impossible. They may use whatever rules that they think would be best. And if someone finds it out - they may change it a bit and do something new. So, your aim should not be to hack Google. But you should be making your site a good one. It should be one which is worth getting a better page rank. For that, you should be writing quality content in it and also doing some SEO on it.

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