What are article directories?

Article directories are sites that will allow you to publish articles online. But why should we write articles and publish in article directories rather than publishing it in our own sites? It’s because the article directories would already be getting lots of traffic and hence if we publish our article in these sites, then our article will be seen by many with much less efforts. But what will we be getting when others see our article? There are many advantages like the ones described below.

For each article that we publish in article sites like ezinearitlcles, we’ll be allowed to put about 3 links in them. And through these links we can make others to visit our site. Not just that, these links will be helping us to get some quality link juice as well. Yup, this is one of the ways to increase backlinks and at the same time search engine ranking of our sites. After you write an article, simply put a link or two to your sites at the end of the article. Yup, its that simple.

This is regarded as one of the easiest way to build backlinks to your sites. Not just that, you’ll be getting free traffic as well. Famous article directories like ezinearticles are viewed daily by millions of people. Most of them are webmasters looking to publish articles in their site. Yup, it’s allowed to copy the articles published in article directories to our sites. But we when do it, we should copy the links as well – that are put at the end of the articles by the publisher of the article. This way, people who publish articles are guaranteed that, if someone is using their articles in their sites, they’ll be getting backlinks from their sites as well. But people won’t be copying crap articles to their site. So, write quality articles and publish them in article directories. This way, you’ll getting a lot of one way, quality backlinks and traffic, free to your sites.

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