Ways to Promote Your Blog

Ways to Promote Your Blog

Bloggers have hundreds of different ways that they can use to promote their blogs and the more techniques utilized by the blogger the bigger chance that blogger has at having a successful blog. Since there are so many different options when promoting your blog I won’t be able to list them all here but I will aim to list some of them so that you can see some of the ways available to you when promoting.

One of the first methods you should use to promote your blog is by social bookmarking each and every one of your posts, this will help gain backlinks and also traffic to your blog so it’s a huge win-win for the blogger and I highly recommend it. It can be time consuming to submit to all of the social bookmarking sites but if you choose the top ten from an online list then you should be well on your way.

Another method you can use is article submissions which can be done quickly by yourself as you only need to submit to a few of the directories. A couple of the more popular options would be EzineArticles and GoArticles. Both of those places get a ton of traffic each day and they will help not only with backlinks but with bringing traffic to your blog.

You can also get active on other peoples blogs, preferably ones in your niche. You should comment as often as you can so that you gain a presence with the other bloggers in your niche. This can be important for in the future as your blog progresses you may find people wanting to exchange links.

Video marketing is another method that most successful marketers are using to gain the attention of millions of people. Youtube alone gets millions of people daily going to there site to watch videos so you can be sure a lot of people are watching videos and a lot of traffic can come from a well made video.

There are many hundreds of other promotion techniques that bloggers utilize to make their blogs successful and you’ll need to do more then the above to have a great blog, but by doing the above you’ll ensure a lot of steady traffic over time and a fairly decent blog. The above techniques are a great beginning and utilized with some other promotional and marketing tactics you’ll be well on your way to blogging for the big bucks. Don’t be shy about leaving your URL places but make sure it isn’t spammy looking or else most people will disregard your links and not click them. The less spammy the links look the more clicks you’ll end up receiving so fooling around with the placement of your links is a great idea.

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