Ways to Boost Your Commissions Overnight

The world of affiliate marketing doesn’t always require that you have your own website. Several affiliate marketers deal with customers, promote their products, make sales and give back refunds all without an website. Yes you can still profit without having a website.

Like every affiliate marketer you are looking for ways you can boost your commissions. Here are some great tips on how you boost your commissions overnight:

1. The first thing you have to do is identify the best program and products to endorse. If you want to be successful you want to choose a program that will enable you to receive big profits.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a program. You have to chose the one you know you can promote well, the one you think people are more willing to buy. Choose a program that has a great commission structure and that affiliate marketers have been known to make some money off of.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs you can choose from online. Which is why you have to carefully look into them to find the right one for you. Select the best program that way the money you spent in advertising won’t go to waste.

Write free newsletters, reports, ebooks and offer it to people on forums or your website if you have one. Remember you will be competing with thousands of other affiliate marketers so you have to explain in your reports how the product you are promoting are different and better than the others.

2. Get the email addresses of those who download your ebooks, reports and newsletters and add them to your contacts. Most people don’t make a purchase on their firs solicitation because they may still be skeptical about spending money on a product they know little about. You can send out new messages to them up to six times over a period of time. If you fill their inboxes with lots of email you will get sent right to spam. So by getting those email addresses you can make follow ups.

3. Try not to send customers to the vendors. Remember you are advertising for the product owners, you make money only when you make a sale. If you send customers to their website the vendor will make a sale and you won’t get paid for it. When you send customers to the vendor that will be one customer you will have lost because now when ever they want to buy another product or upgrade the one they have they will go straight to the vendor.
4. Start an online newsletter or ezine promoting your products. It’s easier to sell to someone who you know and who are familiar with your products. By starting an newsletter or ezine you develop an relationship with your subscribers. Your newsletter or ezine can be monthly or weekly. You will be providing useful information but at the same time making a sales pitch.

5. Write compelling PPC ads. As an affiliate marketer you can make a nice income by writing paid per click ads for the products you are promoting.

6.As you begin to sell more ask the merchant for a higher commission. If you have been successful there is no one they can reject you and if they do, threaten to leave. No merchant wants to lose a valuable asset. Remember to be reasonable about the percentage you are asking for.

Just try out a few of these strategies you will see how you drastically increase your sales!


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