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Unique Content vs. PLR Content

Bloggers have the decision to make between whether or not they will be using unique content or PLR content on their blogs, now if you don’t know what this means I’ll define it quickly. Unique content is written by either yourself or someone you hire, and when compared to with other articles on the internet it shouldn’t be the same as anything. Now of course a ton of articles will be on the same topic, but if you write it without copying from the internet then it would come up as unique. To check if your articles are unique you should use copyscape.com which only costs $5 for 100 credits. This will give you 100 credits to see if your article is unique which should last you minimum a few months. PLR content or Private Label Right content are articles written by writers who then turn around and sell multiple copies of the same article. Some PLR content is more used then other content, but generally this content isn’t too good. There is a chance the search engine might pick up the content as duplicated and they will then block your site from the search engines. You need to decide if your site is worth the risk of being blocked by the search engines, and if isn’t then don’t use PLR content.

I only use unique content on all of my blogs that I write and from doing so I get all my posts indexed quickly and also bringing in search engine traffic. The search engines absolutely love unique fresh content added to websites and if you consistently add content to your site then you will notice the search engine ranking love start coming in from the likes of Google and Yahoo.

The one problem most webmasters have with unique content is either that it takes too long to write content or it’s too expensive to buy articles that are unique. Now this is mostly true, which comes to the question again of do you think your blog is worth it? If you plan on keeping your blog for a long time and make some revenue from it then you should only post unique content as you want to keep the search engines happy. You also want to post fresh information for your readers because with PLR it gets sent all around the internet and chances are some of your readers will have read the article before. Now if this happens it could mean you have one less visitor coming to your blog now because most people don’t read blogs that use PLR and information that’s everywhere already.

Having unique content is also beneficial for when you decide to sell your blog, because most webmasters won’t even consider buying PLR websites. You may find some new webmasters willing to splash $20 at your PLR content site, but this is hardly worth the effort of even posting PLR content. When you use unique content you will fetch a much higher price when selling your blog, so even if you invest in some content from a writer it generally pays off in the end when you sell your blog. So you can think of buying unique content almost as a low risk investment, simply because you can set-up a site and try promoting something to earn some passive income or you can always turn around and sell the site to get your investment back. This is what I would call a low risk investment when dealing with internet real estate.

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