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For more in-depth tutorials visit: The role that WordPress themes play is an important one. The general theme tends to be the first thing that people notice when arriving on your WordPress website. It is completely true that if they should find the theme displeasing, they may quickly exit your website and move on to another. With this being the complete opposite of what you would like for them to do, consider your theme choice very carefully. WordPress will provide you with both free themes, as well as those that are offered at a cost. While the free versions may seem the obvious choice, these are limited in number, and will subject you to having a website resembles thousands of others. Additionally, these may not provide all of the tools that the paid versions have, which will reduce the number of options you have for site design and more. This is something that must be considered, particularly if you wish to use your website for business purposes. When browsing WordPress themes, consider your main topic so that a cohesive look is attained. Do note that many themes come with a standard header photo, but this photo can be replaced with a photo of your own. Never pass up a theme that offers the functionality you desire just because the header photo is not aligned with your main topics. This, as well as many other page elements, can be changed within minutes. Even novice users will find this easy to accomplish. http

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