Three Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

Three Ways to Make Money Online without a Website

Despite what some people may say there are plenty of opportunities for people too make money online without ever having to own a website. There are of course more opportunities if you own your own website, but if you don’t want to have to worry about hosting and domain costs then you can still do some things to make an online income. Thousands of people currently make thousands per month on the internet and none of them own a website, and we’re going to take a look at three things you could do to join this group of people.

Offer a service or product

If you have a service or product then you can make a lot money selling either on forums. For instance if you can write or design websites then you can use webmaster forums to find clients for your services. If you own a book then you can sell your product on classified websites and also forums. You may generate more sales if you own a website, but it’s not at all necessary if you don’t want to. Typically you’ll have more luck earning steady income offering a service rather then selling a product, but it also requires that you have a strong work ethic.

Complete online surveys

I’ve seen countless websites that pay people to complete online surveys for money and you could earn yourself a decent part-time income completing this type of work. Some of the websites are scams and you should avoid any website that asks for money. There are plenty of websites that don’t ask for money though and these are the legit services. Many people currently are making a couple hundred extra bucks a month through services such as this and it’s a great income to add to your arsenal. It’s very relaxing to complete surveys and you make money doing it so there is no reason not to really.

Sell on Ebay

The biggest money maker for people without websites is by far Ebay and you could earn an unlimited amount of money on this website depending on how hard you work. You can sell basically anything on Ebay so as long as you’re turning a profit then it’s a good product to sell on Ebay. Don’t just jump into Ebay and start trying to sell any item as it won’t earn you much. You need to research the market and see what’s becoming more popular and has little competition. Many products have lots of competition so you don’t want to try selling these when you’re starting out. Look for low competition items that will turn you a profit and work on establishing sales for those.

As you can see there are plenty of ways for you to make money online without a website, and the other thing in common between the three is that to succeed you’ll need to work hard. There is no easy road for people who work online and despite the stories you hear on the television you’ll be required to work long hard hours if you plan on making a living from the internet.

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