This Isn’t Internet Marketing

This Isn’t Internet Marketing

As with all innovations, we soon become wrapped up in the newness, the easy access, and the excitement we feel with something that has not existed for us before now. Internet marketing is no exception. Online marketing does have its pitfalls in spite of all the good things it offers. We often put more store in something new than it is really worth. Below are some of the things that internet market lacks.

Replacing the traditional form of buying and selling is not going to happen with internet marketing. Pretend for a minute that you are looking for a new car. You go online, look through picture after picture and find one you like and can afford. That’s where you stop. You can’t touch that car, nor can you take a test drive. You have only a small idea of what the car will be like when you drive it. Are you going to pay potentially thousands of dollars for that car, or will you go to a local car lot instead, where you can get a much better idea of what you’re buying? This is a major limitation to internet marketing for many items.

Another frustrating fact of buying online is dealing with lost connections and websites being down. You can’t do what you set out to do. You end up having to wait or take a drive to somewhere that has what you need. Shopping online isn’t always doable.

You aren’t going to make tons of money in little or not time on the internet. Granted, a very small number of people have been lucky enough to develop a money-making endeavor, but these are the exception to the rule. There are a larger number who have failed miserably at online businesses. Most of the business realities of the brick and mortar world still apply to the virtual world, you still will have to put in endless hours and effort to make it succeed.

Internet marketing, finally, is not static. As the world itself changes and grows, so will the world of internet marketing. Technology will change and the government will make more laws to control what happens online. You can’t count on what is today to be around in its present form ten years from now.

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