´╗┐Thinking to quit your day job?

Are you thinking to quit your day job? If so, why? If you are thinking that you’ll be making more money working online – then I’d say – you should think once again. It’s not because I don’t think there is enough opportunity. But it’s because there are a lot of things that you may not be knowing.

Money can be made online through different ways. But it may not be bringing you money on a monthly basis like your day job if you don’t do things the right way. There are a lot of people, earning some real money online on a monthly basis. But they would be much experienced than you. The benefit of doing a day job is that – you’ll be guaranteed an amount at the end of the month whatsoever – whether you get works or not. The company for which you are working is responsible for delivering you money at the right time. But if you are gonna work online, there is no such time frame or guarantee that you’ll be getting money. You may or may not get money earlier or later than a particular month.

Your online earnings will depend on the work that you are doing online. If you are working directly for the clients, then you may be either getting the amount upfront or after completing the work half or fully. On the other hand if there is a middleman between you and the actual client, then you may have to wait some time before you get the payment in your hand.

If you are with some skills like – designing, programming, writing, or something like that, then you could opt for this track – yup, you can make money online – and even quit your day job. But if you don’t have any such skills, then you’ll have to really work hard. And it won’t be a wise decision for you to quit your day job, if you fall under the second category of people that we mentioned above.

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