The Five-step Strategy For Quality And Risk-managed Life Sciences Translations

Companies in the life sciences industry face a particularly tough set of challenges in bringing products to the global marketplace, not least of which is delivering multilingual content. The importance of translating product information carefully and correctly cannot be overstated. As many companies can attest, errors in language translation can yield disastrous consequences, including patient injuries, product recalls, missed product launch dates, damage to their corporate brand, litigation and financial losses.
Managing translation into one additional language is challenging enough but when multiplied across two, five or ten languages, the process can become cumbersome, expensive and risk-laden, particularly if it is not managed in a centralized manner.
Merrill Brink International has supported hundreds of life sciences companies with the translation, localization and formatting of product development, sales and marketing materials. The following tips, based on our 30 years of experience, will help you select the most suitable LSP for your needs and get the most from that partnership.
Establishing best practices
The world of global product marketing is more competitive and moving faster every day, with more companies entering the international sales arena than ever before. Advances in design-to-manufacture technology have led to shorter product development cycles and accelerated time-to-market. Not surprisingly, companies are seeking ways to expedite translations for product, regulatory and marketing documentation into multiple languages without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.
Today, companies can reduce their risk and streamline the translation process by partnering with a qualified language services provider (LSP) that offers the right combination of expertise, infrastructure and resources to meet their needs.
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