The Best Ways to Monetize your Website

The Best Ways to Monetize your Website

Once you have built a website and you have some traffic coming in to your website then you’ll probably be looking at the ways you can make some money with your website. There are plenty of opportunities out there that will allow you to make a great income, but you’ll need to find out what works best for your website. All niches will require different types of monetization and some will be more difficult then others to monetize so make sure you consider that before making your website. If you can’t find many ways to make money off of the traffic you’ll be targeting then you might not want to choose that niche at all and move on to something more profitable.

There is a huge list of different ways to monetize your website and you should try using as many of them as possible. Some of the methods used to make money off of your website can be used on basically any website and topic where some of the methods will need a specific website to use the type of monetization. The more diversified you can make your website the better shot you have at making a long time income. This is due to the fact that sometimes some methods will not earn as much some months and you’ll need other methods bringing in income to cover the losses. Never rely on just one form on monetization on your website or else you’re just asking for trouble. We’ll now take a look at some of the ways you can monetize your website.


Adsense is by far the most popular and most widely used platform for webmasters. You simply register an account create an ad in whichever size you need and then add it to your website. Every time someone clicks one of the ads in the box you’ll get paid. Depending on the advertiser will reflect how much you get for your click but generally health and finance are the highest paying topics. Adsense pays out monthly as long as you meet the minimums, but in the beginning don’t worry about this as you probably won’t make enough the first month.


MaxBounty has both leads and sales offers for website owners, and you simply place a link or banner on your website to make money this way. You find the offer you want to add to your website then get the code for the link or banner and implement it into your website. They pay by Paypal every month which is a great way to get some extra money coming in every month.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the leading affiliate platforms on the internet where many name brand advertisers offer affiliates a chance to make money. You can sell products for almost any niche you can imagine which means this is a network you should join. Each advertiser has there own rules and commission payouts so make sure you read everything about each affiliate you sign-up for.

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your website out there, but these three will definitely keep you busy. I would recommend only joining these three at a maximum in the beginning because you want to build up your money on only a couple networks. This way you don’t need to wait for the minimum payout on a bunch on networks as it will take longer to do so. Once you reach minimum payout on the above networks then you can try out some other networks the next month to see if they convert.

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