The 3 most effective ways to monetize your blog

The 3 most effective ways to monetize your blog

Today internet is full of multiple blogs making money in various possible ways. But among them one should choose the most popular ones to earn solid amount within a couple of months. Perhaps, you thought that now I will show the google adsense income as one of them. But on this point, not everyone is successful, as for making huge income one need to choose the most popular niche and get paid per clicks more than just a few pennies. So this article is related to the 3 most wide-spread money-making methods with blogging, not including google adsense:

1. Use your blog as an online place for expert consultations and then recommend affiliate products or services.
Do not try to simply advertise this or that product. Here the most important thing is to provide your readers with real valuable and interesting information that they need to hear from a specialist in this area. Therefore before starting any blog, sit down and think thoroughly in what field you are considered to be good, even if not expert. So after you have decided this main moment, then create your blog and choose products and/or services related to your niche. It would be better to choose those affiliate programs that will provide you guaranteed monthly residual income. But you would be better first to test the products yourself and then recommend them. In this way you will gain more credibility of your readers.

2. Create and sell your own info product.
This money-making method is the alternative way, if affiliate programs are not for you, though many people are making a six-figure income every year, just by selling others’ products. Today almost everyone who comes to the internet try to create his own info product, mostly e-book. So why do not you also try? If you think over your experience in this or that field, you will surprisingly discover how many areas exist in which you have some valuable knowledge or experience you could share with others and earn money for that. So why not format this information that can be useful for many people into a unique info product? After having created your own e-book, you can promote it with various methods online and get constant income from the sales. For example, you can sell it on your blog or website, if you have one, or you can promote it on others’ sites or e-zines.

3. Sell ad places on your blog.
Today selling places to various companies for putting their banner on your website or blog is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income on monthly basis. You think it is a very hard job to find the clients to willing to put their advertising on your website? Not at all! You need just huge traffic on daily basis. If you’ll have, let’s say only 100 visitors a day, then companies will themselves find and offer you to advertise their services.

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