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Best WordPress Plugins to Help With Website Design and Functionality

Best WordPress Plugins to Help With Website Design and Functionality

The great thing about WordPress is the ability to continually add new functions into your blog as they are developed. This functionality is added through plugins which can be easily added through an admin panel. As someone who uses them daily, these are the best WordPress plugins in my opinion.

Deans FCK Editor

This replaces the default WordPress editor that comes with WordPress 3.1. The main reason that I use this is for setting columns and rows inside the pages. This plugin makes it child’s play for setting pages as you can tell it to make the width 100%. The plugin then figures out the pixels for you. With different width themes this is a time saver.

All In One SEO

Setting a website without this plugin is tantamount to criminal neglect. The plugin adds fields underneath the blog post for title, description and keywords metatags. You don’t need to know code or visit metatag generator sites any more.

CBNET Ping Optimizer

During the initial set up of your website, you will probably make lots of changes to pages. This will save your WordPress blog from being tagged as spammer as it won’t post the edits only the new pages.

Contact Form 7

This allows you to set up a contact form on any page. You can create as many forms as you like for the various pages including radio buttons and drop down selections. It creates a piece of code that you can then place on the web page in the appropriate area.

Really Simple Captcha

This useful plugin allows you to have a simple captcha on your contact form above. It’s not the hardest captcha to break but it will stop a certain amount of automated rubbish traffic to your email which can be very annoying otherwise.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin automatically updates your sitemap and sends it to Google, AOL and Bing automatically. You need to get an API from Yahoo for it to send automatically to it. You can manually rebuild the sitemap or leave on automatic. It is a great set and forget plugin.


This allows you to make a post sticky at the top of the blog. For those who have never heard the term sticky it simply means that when you click the sticky option on a blog post it is never pushed to the bottom of the page when other posts are made.

Multi Level Navigation Plugin

This allows you to have drop downs from any top menu on your site. It allows unlimited drop down levels if you want. For SEO purposes placing too many sub levels will not be great but it’s there if you really want it.

Page Lists Plus

This allows you to create pages but not show them in the menu. This is perfect for creating privacy policy, terms of use and similar pages which you will probably want to manually add in the footer.

To add in a plugin for your blog, simply click on the plugin menu on the left in the admin section and then choose the “”add new”” option. It will then give you a search box. Type the plugin name and it will find it for you from the WordPress extension site.


My Top 7 WordPress Plugins

My Top 7 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is just so popular not because it’s free (sure, that’s one reason) but because it is so robust and has so much functionality. WordPress plugins allow you to do just about anything with your blog! Below is a list of my 7 top WordPress plugins, what they do, and why you need them. While there are some plugins you need to pay for, all of these plugins are totally free.

1. Advertising Manager Advertising Manager allows you to easily monetize your blog by placing contextual ads from different advertising networks. Some of these networks include Google AdSense, Yahoo!PN, adBrite and Commission Junction.

2. Akismet Spam comments are a BIG problem. The reason for this is because there are clever people that misuse their programming skills to come up with ways to spider the Internet for blogs and leave comments on them automatically. One of my blogs gets over 50 spam comments every single day! Having to wade through these spam comments in search for the good ones would be a huge waste of time. Fortunately, Akismet will automatically trash the spam comments for you.

3. All in One SEO Pack If you could only have one plugin, this would be it. All in One SEO Pack helps you to make your blog SEO-friendly. Why would you want to do that? The more the search engines (e.g. Google) like your blog, the better you’ll rank and the more free, targeted traffic you’ll get.

4. DoFollow There are two types of links; dofollow and nofollow. Google will not credit nofollow backlinks when ranking a website. WordPress comments links are, by default, set up as nofollow links. The DoFollow plugin changes the comments links attribute to dofollow thus encouraging more visitors to leave comments on your blog.

5. Facebook Like The more you can integrate your blog with Facebook, the better. This plugin puts a Facebook ‘like’ button on every post and when visitors ‘like’ your posts, their Facebook friends will see it and you’ll get more, free traffic! Facebook traffic can be very viral. This is a powerful plugin that you definitely want to have on your blog.

6. Google XML Sitemaps This plugin auto-generates a sitemap for your blog and keeps it up to date. Google loves sitemaps.

7. Pretty Link Lite If you need to shorten a long link (to make it look prettier) or if you have an affiliate link you want to hide, this is the plugin for you.


Forum & Message Board Marketing

Forum & Message Board Marketing

Webmasters need to use every marketing method that they can take advantage of and without using all the methods out there you’ll fall behind your competition quickly. There are plenty of marketing techniques out there that you need to use, and in this article we’re going to talk about the power of forum and message board marketing. You’ve might of already used these techniques in your marketing arsenal and if you have then that’s great, but if you haven’t or you rarely use this technique then you should consider using it more.

There is always at least one forum on every topic and many topics have hundreds of different forums available to them. You should gather a list of the forums in your niche and then join them all. You will need to make some posts on them all and get active in the community. On the forums you’ll be able to add a signature line which will appear at the end of all of your posts. You can use this line to add your website link so that you can get direct clicks and also backlinks. Forum backlinks can build quickly and add a lot of value to your current links. Some forums will require that you make a certain amount of posts before your signature line appears, don’t worry about this though and just patiently wait until you reach the amount of posts. Don’t go spam the boards as you’ll likely be banned for doing so.

For message board marketing you may have to add your link at the end of each of your posts, so make sure that you do so if it is required. There is no point helping out others on message boards unless you’re getting the backlink so be sure that you do in fact get a link for each post. Some popular message boards are the Yahoo message boards which covers basically every niche that you could imagine. You simply help people answer their questions and then you post your link under your answer. This will help you get traffic as these message boards are always busy and get great search engine rankings.

A lot of forums and message boards don’t allow do-follow backlinks which means your links won’t count in the search engines. You should try finding some that are do-follow so that you do in fact gain some backlinks from your hard work, but for popular boards with lots of traffic it isn’t so important. For instance the Yahoo message boards will allow you to post a link but it isn’t do-follow. I still recommend using this board though because it’s one of the busiest and on the internet and can bring in great targeted traffic for the lifetime of your website.

Don’t spam the boards or forums though as you’ll get banned and it will also look unnatural to the search engines if you get a couple hundred links one day and none the next. You should aim for the same amount of posts everyday and split them between the forums and boards you use. This way you’ll be able to not look suspicious to the search engines and they won’t penalize you for unnatural link building which trust me happens and isn’t pretty for that website owner.


Unique Content vs

Unique Content vs. PLR Content

Bloggers have the decision to make between whether or not they will be using unique content or PLR content on their blogs, now if you don’t know what this means I’ll define it quickly. Unique content is written by either yourself or someone you hire, and when compared to with other articles on the internet it shouldn’t be the same as anything. Now of course a ton of articles will be on the same topic, but if you write it without copying from the internet then it would come up as unique. To check if your articles are unique you should use copyscape.com which only costs $5 for 100 credits. This will give you 100 credits to see if your article is unique which should last you minimum a few months. PLR content or Private Label Right content are articles written by writers who then turn around and sell multiple copies of the same article. Some PLR content is more used then other content, but generally this content isn’t too good. There is a chance the search engine might pick up the content as duplicated and they will then block your site from the search engines. You need to decide if your site is worth the risk of being blocked by the search engines, and if isn’t then don’t use PLR content.

I only use unique content on all of my blogs that I write and from doing so I get all my posts indexed quickly and also bringing in search engine traffic. The search engines absolutely love unique fresh content added to websites and if you consistently add content to your site then you will notice the search engine ranking love start coming in from the likes of Google and Yahoo.

The one problem most webmasters have with unique content is either that it takes too long to write content or it’s too expensive to buy articles that are unique. Now this is mostly true, which comes to the question again of do you think your blog is worth it? If you plan on keeping your blog for a long time and make some revenue from it then you should only post unique content as you want to keep the search engines happy. You also want to post fresh information for your readers because with PLR it gets sent all around the internet and chances are some of your readers will have read the article before. Now if this happens it could mean you have one less visitor coming to your blog now because most people don’t read blogs that use PLR and information that’s everywhere already.

Having unique content is also beneficial for when you decide to sell your blog, because most webmasters won’t even consider buying PLR websites. You may find some new webmasters willing to splash $20 at your PLR content site, but this is hardly worth the effort of even posting PLR content. When you use unique content you will fetch a much higher price when selling your blog, so even if you invest in some content from a writer it generally pays off in the end when you sell your blog. So you can think of buying unique content almost as a low risk investment, simply because you can set-up a site and try promoting something to earn some passive income or you can always turn around and sell the site to get your investment back. This is what I would call a low risk investment when dealing with internet real estate.


10 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your SERPs

10 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your SERPs

Doing SEO is a complicated process. However, if we understand well the technique, we can achieve the goal. In order to get better search engine ranking, we can use some useful plugins for our websites. 10 best WordPress Plugins are the important things that we can use in order to increase our serps in google. We can easily narrow the gap between success and failure in SEO by installing these plugins into our websites.

The following plugins are tested and used widely by SEOers:

1. All in One SEO Pack

This is the first important plugin that can help you customize the post title, post description, and post tags for individual page. In addition, this also can help you to customize the Cononical URLs for the entire WordPress site. By using this plugin, you can have a good chance to be listed with high SERPs.

2. Broken Link Checker

This plugin is very important and essential to your website because it can control and monitor all links in your site. Once your site has broken links, it will list out and and give you reports about dead links. This will help you control easily all links in your website. By using this plugin, you can update information regularly, and keep your site free from dead links.

3. Google XML Sitemaps Generator

Sitemap is very important to a website. This plugin plays an important role in your site because it can generate an XML-Sitemap of your WordPress site. Since then, the content in your site will be crawled easily by SES ( search engine spiders). This plugin can support for other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others.

4. SEO Friendly Images

This plugin will help you gain 1 point for SERPs because you have SEO friendly images in your website. A website with proper alt and title attributes in images will help you gain more traffic from Google image search.

5. No Self Pings

The internal links in your website are very important to help visitors navigate easily information. However, your page rank will be down due to the sefl pings effect. By using this plugin, you can remove all pingbacks from your own site. This plugin will eliminate the bad effect and enhance your SERPs.

6. Enforce www. Preference

Canoical issue is very important to decide your backlinks and ranking. You will have two options to think about. www(dot)domain(dot)com and domain(dot)com are two different sites when you do backlinks for your site. So in order to avoid losing backlinks, you must use this plugin that can overcome this problem. It will redirect from www(dot)domain(dot)com to domain(dot)com and vice versa. So you are again free from trouble.

7. Platinum SEO Pack

This SEO Pack is as good as All in One SEO Pack, but it has more futures when you compare to All in One SEO Pack ( index, noindex, noarchive, nosnippet…etc..). However, the usage of those two packs are the same. So it depends on the users’ decision.

8. SEO Smart Links

This is very important for SEO because it can help users and spiders navigate your site easily. This plugin can gather keywords, tags, phrases and links with your related posts in your website properly. This process will be done automatically, but you need to configure it appropriately in Control Panel.

9. SEO Slugs

This is very useful for your website to be ranked well once you install this plugin. You will have a better chance to be ranked well with many keywords in your long URL. However, some common words such as “”a””, “”the””, “”and””….are redundant to SERPs. That is why this plugin can help you get rid of these unused common keywords. This process will be done automatically once you install this plugin.

10. Robots Meta

The last but not least. Robots Meta is one of the most important plugins that can help your website to be indexed or not. It can help you to decide to prevent search engines from indexing your website or not. This will help you eliminate some pages with duplicate content. Since then search engines will not decrease your page rank.


Information about Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Information about Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you run a website or blog that sells products then you might want too consider using pay-per-click advertising too increase your revenue. Whether you sell your own products or products for affiliates doesn’t matter, although you would obviously make more if it’s your own products. Many affiliates make thousands of dollars each month though using pay-per-click advertising and it’s possible for you too as well if you know what you’re doing.

Nowadays there are lots of different pay-per-click advertising mediums available to you, but the most popular is still Google Adwords by a long shot. Of course if you want too use Adwords though then you better be prepared too pay more for your keywords then you would on other pay-per-click mediums. Some other options available too you are MSN Adcenter and Yahoo.

Basically pay-per-click advertising is where you pay for your search engine rankings. As you probably already know many keywords in the search engines have millions of results and many have been around for years. This means that getting a first page ranking on Google would take years of link building which for a company isn’t something you want too hear. Now if you use Google Adwords then you’ll be able too buy rankings for your site which appear on the first page of Google. The rankings on the left side of Google search results are all the ones who are ranking for the keyword from their SEO, and the listings on the right on the search results are the pay-per-click advertisements.

Pay-per-click search engines aren’t for new webmasters and you shouldn’t attempt using these services unless you know what you’re getting into. They can cost you a lot of money and if you’re not getting conversions then you could be in big trouble. Many keywords nowadays also cost a lot of money per click so you could be spending upwards of $100 daily depending on what you’re promoting.

The goal you should focus on when using Adwords is too find long-tail keywords that get good search traffic that you can buy for cheap. Long-tail keywords are always cheaper too purchase and you may only need to spend $10 daily for top rankings. Make sure when you buy keywords you look for keywords that are generally people looking too buy something. You don’t want keywords of people looking for free things coming too your site because they’ll leave when they see it’s not free. There are millions of keywords and it can take hours to set-up a good Adwords campaign and even then you’ll need to do a lot of tweaking.

There is definitely money too be made in pay-per-click advertising, but for newer webmasters without the huge budgets you need to focus on smaller keywords and niched products. You’ll do a lot of testing, but once you find the right combination of keywords and products then you’ll be well on your way too cashing in on the pay-per-click craze that is going on right now.


Seo for WordPress

 To answer this question, we need to define what WordPress, Blog and SEO are. WordPress is free journalism over the Internet. It is an entity in the Internet that allows a person to express himself by creating a Blog. A blog simply means writing online individual journals, feedback, commentaries, and while maintaining it on a Website on the Internet.

There is a couple of this online journalism on the Internet and one is BlogSpot, a competitor of WordPress. There have been comparisons between the two Website by users. Both have tactical features that make each individual unique from each other. However, this article will explain more on WordPress and why it is so SEO friendly.

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO as explained. This is the application of optimizing and maximizing the accessibility of your site or blog on a Search Engine by strategies and tactics. A Search Engine Optimizer is an individual who performs these functions.

SEO function is to assure that a Blog or site on the Internet will come out on the first couple of pages of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) using strategies and discovering other means of obtaining this goal. This is significant because Search engine categories rely critically on the rank and number of links to your blog while they launch the positioning and the optimum technique to attain links that are by customary suggestions from other bloggers or web site holders.

WordPress which is defined on the first part of this article seems a favorite among several SEO who are keen to work on this site. Why is WordPress so SEO friendly? There are a couple of reasons why.

WordPress is SEO friendly because a plugin can be predetermined to strongly produces a XML sitemap which is proposed to Google, MSN and the likes as soon as you issue your post. This plugin will also advance your sitemap to Yahoo if you install it by going to your Yahoo API which can be obtained free of charge, and a plugin can be set up to energetically generates a sitemap for your guests.

Moreover, WordPress can also be adapted to supplement many different customs and a lot of these enhancements will connect to the common functionality of making visitors and SEO to bond more on the site. The confident figure of inbound link by WordPress is auto-generated with every post by pinging the blog index and compliance to RSS Feed aggregators. WordPress has numerous plugins that will gather stats on your guests. (A number of these will actually swell your file and make it a little sluggish behind your load period so you are advised to only implement those that you really wanted.)

Last but not least, WordPress is an interactive Website that is search engine responsive, guest friendly and is easy to put in content without as much as thinking too much about SEO since it has in-built or added functions. Rest assured that the people behind this site are doing all they can to enhance and develop the online journal to be more user responsive and definitely, more SEO friendly.


Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 2

Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 2 pcfix411.com Redirection is a cool plugin that makes sure visitors get to your site instead of getting a blank 404 error page when they click on an old URL. SEO Friendly Images adds Meta info to your pictures. This will improve traffic to your site from Google and Yahoo image searches. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam protects your WordPress blogs comments, registration and pretty much all the form that require user input with a captcha. This will greatly reduce the amount of spam on your site. Read more about Top WordPress Plugins Overview Part 2 | PcFix411.com by Administrator pcfix411.com