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Top 3 WordPress Themes | Now 3 More WP Themes

For more in-depth tutorials visit: pressmastery.com The role that WordPress themes play is an important one. The general theme tends to be the first thing that people notice when arriving on your WordPress website. It is completely true that if they should find the theme displeasing, they may quickly exit your website and move on to another. With this being the complete opposite of what you would like for them to do, consider your theme choice very carefully. WordPress will provide you with both free themes, as well as those that are offered at a cost. While the free versions may seem the obvious choice, these are limited in number, and will subject you to having a website resembles thousands of others. Additionally, these may not provide all of the tools that the paid versions have, which will reduce the number of options you have for site design and more. This is something that must be considered, particularly if you wish to use your website for business purposes. When browsing WordPress themes, consider your main topic so that a cohesive look is attained. Do note that many themes come with a standard header photo, but this photo can be replaced with a photo of your own. Never pass up a theme that offers the functionality you desire just because the header photo is not aligned with your main topics. This, as well as many other page elements, can be changed within minutes. Even novice users will find this easy to accomplish. http


How to Make WordPress Themes1

How to Make WordPress Themes

Many blogger swear by WordPress as the best platform for blogs, websites and content platforms to publish content, pictures, videos etc. Though popular for blog, people are using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is open source and the best thing that makes it an absolute favorite with web developers and bloggers is that you can incorporate plugins effortlessly from your WordPress admin panel. You can get these plugins by doing a simple Google search or through the official WordPress site.

You may have seen several WordPress themes and may feel that even you can develop such theme. For those who want to know how to make a WordPress theme, here are some pointers:

1. Designing a theme does require hard work and patience. It is always better to know html or php and the good thing is there are many resources online that can tell you how to learn them.

2. Go to an html and php tutorial website online and find how to use tags, codes and plug-ins. If you are a novice, go to a tutorial site that shows you to build a WP theme right from the beginning teaching you the basics of html and CSS. For those who already know these, you can also go to tutorial sites that show you how to build themes assuming you know these two programming languages.

3. HTML is the most important language, which is absolutely necessary needed to make WordPress theme. So make sure you learn those basic HTML commands and coding. You can make use of Microsoft Frontpage or even Dreamweaver to experiment with HTML codes.

4. Styling a webpage and jazzing it up is the next thing to do after you become familiar with html functionalities. This is where your CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) knowledge come in. When you know CSS, you will know how to make a stylish WordPress theme with colors, fonts, pictures etc.

To sum up, in order to know how to make a WordPress theme, you have to know to create the CSS template which is nothing but HTML and CSS combined. In other words, this is an HTML page stylishly done with CSS. So learn the four following things to make an attractive WordPress theme, yourself:

1. Gain knowledge about using HTML codes and tags2. Learn CSS3. Use the above two to create the CSS layout.4. Convert this CSS layout to form an attractive WordPress theme.


How to Make a WordPress Theme – Learn the Correct Steps on How to Edit WordPress

How to Make a WordPress Theme – Learn the Correct Steps on How to Edit WordPress

Do you want to know how to make a WordPress theme? You can learn how to edit WordPress and create your own customized themes. This is one of the most beautiful things about using WordPress. It enables you to truly express yourself by customizing all of your blog posts.

When you have used the standard WordPress installations there are several themes which you get to choose from. This is good for starting out. However, after awhile you will find that this is not enough. You will need to find some more themes if you are going to keep your blogs interesting.

If you want to change the themes on your blog you should click on the theme that you want then click “”activate “”. Of course, if you are tired of using the themes that came with WordPress you can always import some of your own. If you want to use a new theme for your WordPress blog you will need to download it. There are many WordPress themes which are available on the internet. You can go to the galleries and find a theme which perfectly suits you. Be sure that you choose one that is going to add a sense of style to your blog. There is nothing which turns people off of a blog faster than a boring theme and dull site. If you want to enhance your blogs you should download a new theme.

After you have downloaded your new theme you should be sure to upload it. You can either upload a zip of your theme or you can extract the theme and then upload it. The choice is yours. Either way you have to get the theme uploaded before you can use it. Once you have to theme uploaded you should see the option to select it as your site’s default theme.

There are many different WordPress themes. You will be able to find something that suits your tastes and the style of your site. If you are looking for WordPress themes you should start by looking online.

If you are looking for advice on how to use WordPress you should start by looking on the internet. This is best place to go when you are looking for themes as well. There are many great themes out there which you can download for not charge. You can use these on your blogs to keep things fresh and exciting on your site.


Amazing WordPress Themes

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How to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme

How to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme

[This tutorial applies to WordPress blogs running in a self-hosted environment, meaning that you’ve installed WordPress on a web host of your own. It doesn’t apply to blogs hosted on free WordPress.com accounts.]

Installing a WordPress theme is very straightforward. WordPress themes available for download from various places on the Internet are typically packaged in .zip files (i.e. theme-name.zip). Installing a WordPress theme involves nothing more than unzipping the .zip file into the appropriate directory of your WordPress installation, and activating the theme from your WordPress administration console.

Structure of a WordPress Theme

In order for you to install your new WordPress theme correctly, you need to understand the basics of how the WordPress system interacts with themes. A WordPress theme needs three essential files in order to work correctly with the WordPress administration:

o An index.php file: This file is the controller of a WordPress blog. Most WordPress themes also have other PHP files that represent various sections of a WordPress page, but index.php is the only truly necessary PHP file.

o A style.css file: This file controls the look and layout of the WordPress-based website using style definitions. It also contains the information that is used in the Manage Themes section of WordPress to display the theme name, version, author, and description

o A “”screenshot”” image: This image is used to create preview of the corresponding theme in the Manage Themes section of the WordPress administration. It can be any of the common web graphics files (png, jpg, gif), but it needs to be named screenshot. For instance, screenshot.png, screenshot.jpg, or screenshot.gif.

If you’ve gotten your theme from a designer who knows what he’s doing, you don’t really need to worry about making sure the theme is set up correctly. If you’re not sure, you might just want to double-check that you’ve got the basic files needed to install your theme.

WordPress Directory Structure

The WordPress directory structure contains three folders in the root directory:

o wp-admino wp-contento wp-includes

Under the wp-content folder there is a folder called themes. Inside this folder is where you need to deposit the folder that contains your theme. Here’s an example. Say I’m installing a theme for a recipe blog. The theme is called Recipe, and its folder structure looks like this:

recipe-blog/ index.phpstyle.cssscreenshot.png

This theme would normally be packaged in a .zip file. To use the theme, I would need to unpackage the file, then upload it (probably using FTP) into my WordPress themes folder. If I have WordPress installed on my web server under a directory called blog, my directory structure would look like this:





Activating a WordPress Theme

After I upload the theme to the correct directory, I can now go to my WordPress administration to activate it. After logging in to the WordPress admin section, I go to Appearances->Themes. I can see that my new theme is installed correctly and ready to be activated, because I can see it in under Available Themes on the Manage Themes page.

At this point, all I have to do is click on the Activate link associated with my new theme. My new theme is now active on my WordPress blog.


How to Install and Activate a Premium WordPress Theme

How to Install and Activate a Premium WordPress Theme

The greatest thing about WordPress, the open-source Content Management System and blogging platform, is the sheer number of options it affords users when it comes to designing a website or blog. The user of a WordPress blog can upload any number of custom widgets that could display the user’s latest tweets or even a simple contact form, they can get granular control over various technical aspects of their site design including modifying permalinks and URL structures and, most importantly, they can easily alter the appearance of their website by installing a few WordPress themes. The power of WordPress exists in its ability to make significant changes to the appearance of a website in just a few simple clicks – users can add and delete entire designs in the click of a button.

The easiest way to add a new theme to your WordPress site is just to upload it using the in-built WordPress theme uploader. Before doing this however, you will need to actually download a theme and this can be done quickly and easily by typing “”WordPress Themes”” into Google and selecting from the many paid or free options available. You do not need to extract the contents of the zip folder once it has been downloaded, merely leave it as it is and then go to the appearance menu in WordPress and select add new theme. Click the upload button and then browse to the zip file and click upload, once this is done just click the activate button and you theme will now be live on your website.

Another popular way to install a theme is to upload it directly to the WordPress themes folder situated on your web server. The easiest way to do this is to install an FTP client such as FileZilla, and configure so that you have FTP access to your website. Once this is done, go to the “”wp-content”” folder, then click on the themes “”folder””. To upload a theme you will need to unzip it first – once you have done this just drag and drop the theme folder that is on your hard drive into the WordPress themes folder on your server. The theme will now be available to activate under the WordPress themes menu in your WordPress control panel.